Try This Simple Color Correction Makeup Tutorial for Flawless Skin

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Hormones, skin type, rashes, skin irritation, sun sensitivity, and many other factors contribute to an uneven skin tone. It’s really common, and sometimes foundation won’t do the job right. That’s why color-correcting makeup is a must-have if you are looking for an even, smooth skin tone.

In this color corrector guide, I'll show you how to apply color correcting makeup using my Seint color correcting palette, but you can use the same information and techniques with your own preferred makeup. See what works best for your skin tone and understand the different undertones.

Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Medium-sized makeup brush
  • Color corrector palette
  • Highlighter
  • Contour
Color corrector guide

1. Choosing essential color-correcting shades

As you can see, my palette consists of four shades that each have color-correcting properties that you may need for different reasons. Starting from the right, you’ll notice that each shade has a different undertone.

The first has a blue undertone, the second has a green, the third has more of an orange undertone, and the last is more of a yellow. It’s essential to understand and differentiate each tone. 

If you are light-skinned and have an orange undertone, then the color corrector shade with the blue undertone will help prime or color correct your redder areas. 

How to use color correcting makeup

If you have a deeper redness or redness that flares up in a prominent manner, then using the concealer with a green undertone will do the trick. 

How to color correct with makeup

If you have areas on your face with more blue/purple discoloration, then using a concealer with an orange undertone is an excellent shade for fixing those areas. These are more visible under our eyes, and even some sun spots tend to emit a bluer color on your face. 

Color correction tutorial

Have purple or violet areas on your face? Then applying a concealer with a yellow undertone will get the job done. Areas with purple undertones occur more where there are blemishes or acne spots. 

Step by step color correction makeup

2. Scan your face

In order to decide what color you’ll need and what area, it’s best to scan your face and see where you may need to add some color-correcting makeup.

Today, I woke up with a lot of redness around my nose and forehead area, as you can see. So, I’m going to show you how I’ll be correcting this using the concealer palette I showed you above. 

I also have sun spots and hyperpigmentation around my eyelids and cheeks. On my chin, I have purple pesky broken capillaries, too. 

How to apply color correcting makeup

3. Apply color correction makeup

It’s best to apply color correction makeup before foundation.

Green undertone

I’m going to start on my nose area, using the shade with the green undertone to disguise the red. Use a medium-sized makeup brush so that you can easily get between creases. 

Next, I’m applying the same concealer just above my brow bone. Also, another area that I tend to get red is around my mouth. 

Applying orange to combat blue discoloration

Orange undertone

Now, it’s time to cover up those areas with hyperpigmentation. Using the orange shade concealer, I am applying a little to my eyelids. Then, if you have sun spots, go ahead and add a little concealer to those areas. 

For more information on camouflaging sun spots, read my guide on How to Cover Up Sun Spots With Makeup - Tutorial For Mature Skin.

Also, I’m covering the mole on my forehead. 

How use color correcting makeup

Yellow undertone

I also tend to get blue and purple around the corner of my eyes, so I’m covering that up to. Now, I will add the yellow undertone to my chin area, where I have some visible capillaries. 

Also, I have a deep indentation right under my eyes, so I’m applying the yellow undertone concealer to those areas, too. 

For a more in-depth tutorial on covering dark under-eye circles for older faces, read my tutorial on The Best Makeup for Under-Eye Bags - 6 Tips & Tricks For Mature Skin.

Applying highlight and contour

4. Add the finishing touches

Now that the color correcting is out of the way, go ahead and do your normal highlight and contouring, as well as your lip and cheek makeup, for that perfectly finished look. 

Color correction makeup tutorial

Color correction makeup tutorial

Yeah, all done! Thanks for reading my tutorial on how to apply color corrector with makeup. I hope you found this color corrector guide informative and useful. Let me know if you found this advice helpful in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Medium-sized makeup brush
  • Color corrector palette
  • Highlighter
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