Dabur Amla Hair Oil Review: How It Works, How to Use It & My Results

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This Dabur Amla hair oil has become so popular on social media that I had to try it. It seems suspect because it's so low-priced and has some ingredients you may not recognize, but a lot of people swear by Amla oil, especially in India where it is very popular.

I love trying out new products on my hair to see what happens. So, to experience the effects for myself, I’ve made this Dabur Amla hair oil review to show you the before and after results.

Tools and materials:

  • Dabur Amla hair oil
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Water (bathtub or shower)

Note: Dabur is the name of the brand, but you can use any other Amla (Indian gooseberry) oil for the same effect.

Amla hair oil ingredients

Amla hair oil ingredients

If you have very light or bleached hair it’s not recommended to use this hair oil because it also has dye in it and could potentially dye your blonde hair green. 

Also, the main ingredient is paraffinum liquidum (mineral oil), which is surprising to see.

Dabur Amla hair oil smell

The Dabur Amla hair oil smell

Some reviewers have said that Dabur Amla hair oil smells bad, but really, I think it just smells like old-fashioned soap – maybe a bit musty, like old perfume. Ok, so it doesn’t smell great, to be honest. 

Effects of Amla oil on hair

Effects of Amla oil on hair

In general, hair oil is thought to improve the strength and look of your hair, reduce hair loss, and may treat and prevent dandruff and infections. The list of benefits here I believe come from the Amla.

I can’t attest to all of the benefits or comment on whether they are real or a placebo effect.

The fact that Dabur Amla hair oil makes hair feel soft and shiny makes sense because the mineral oil coats and protects hair. This works similar to silicone, which is a common ingredient in most hair products, such as conditioners.

How to use Dabur Amla hair oil

How to use Dabur Amla hair oil

Shampoo your hair before applying the Dabur Amla hair oil, but do not condition it. That’s the job of the hair oil!

Pour a small amount of hair oil into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together to distribute the hair oil and then massage it into your hair.

Testing the effects of Amla oil on hair

Now go wash your hands, put your hair up, and leave it for about an hour.

Washing hair after using Dabur Amla hair oil

Then, wash your hair again well with shampoo. The water will run out yellow, but that's normal.

You can condition your hair at this point if you want to, but you’ll notice that even before you condition it, the oil has left it feeling like it’s already conditioned.

Go ahead and blow dry it as well.

Amla hair oil before and after

Amla hair oil before and after

So, here’s the before (on the left) and after (on the right). My hair does look and feel softer, sleeker, and less dry.

Unfortunately, even after washing the Amla hair oil out, a faint odor still lingered, but it may not be noticeable to anyone else.

Dabur Amla hair oil review

Dabur Amla hair oil review

The verdict? I’m not sure if I’d use it again. The smell, the green color, and the fact that it’s mineral oil puts me off a bit. Personally, I’d rather use a more natural product to get the same results.

Lots of people have used this and think highly of it, so really, you need to try it and decide for yourself.

Leave a comment to let me know if you do try it and what your assessment is.

Suggested materials:
  • Dabur Amla hair oil
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Water (bathtub or shower)

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