DIY High Shine Cheek Blush

If you're on TikTok then you have probably already noticed there is always a new beauty/fashion trend. I love testing out these trends and tricks to see if they really work and I like to track them so you can see for yourself!

The latest trend is the high shine blush look. What does this mean? Basically blush with lots of shine giving your face a cute glossy after look. There are some makeup brands that make their own high shine blush but because I love a good hack I am going to try to get the look using what I already have.

You will need:

  • blush
  • concealer
  • petroleum jelly like vaseline or aquaphor

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I am using lipstick instead of blush because I love this shade or pink and its liquid so easy to apply

Start by doing a line of lipstick or blush on your cheek

Place a diagonal line of concealer across the lipstick

Put a dab of vaseline on top

Blend with a brush

Wow! Definitely works!!

Look at the difference between my side with nothing...

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