How to Easily Make a DIY Purple Toner to Combat Brassy Blonde Hair

by XoStylingwithSarah
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Do you have dyed hair that you want to keep toned? There are certain colors of dye that work best with certain tones. In my case, my dyed hair had taken on a yellow/orange tint, and I knew that purple or blue dyes would help cancel out the yellow/orange.

You can consult a color wheel to see which color works best for your tone. Here’s a simple color wheel for you to check. Ready to get started with this DIY purple toner tutorial now? OK, let’s go!

Tools and materials:

Mixing the DIY purple toner

1. Mix the DIY toner ingredients

Hair dye is very strong and needs to be diluted and the hair conditioner does that. If I didn’t dilute my hair dye, then all of my hair would simply turn purple!

Mix equal amounts of hair color butter and hair conditioner in a bowl.

Prepping hair by detangling it

2. Prep your hair

Detangle your hair with a good detangling brush before you apply any color toner, so your application will be even.

How to tone your hair at home

3. Apply your DIY purple toner

You can apply the toner to either wet or dry hair. Use a hair color applicator brush to apply the DIY purple toner to your hair. Cover all of your hair.

Applying the DIY hair toner

Use your hand to work the dye through your hair by massaging it from top to bottom one section at a time. Then, leave the dye in for 5 minutes only. It works very fast, so time it carefully!

Let your hair dry and see the difference!

DIY purple toner results

DIY purple toner tutorial

Here’s what happened to my hair that had gone a bit yellowy/orange. I used purple hair toner, which is opposite to yellow/orange on the hair color wheel, and the nice rich color has been restored!

In addition to diluting the purple dye, the coconut oil has also helped my hair look soft and supple. Try it yourself and leave a comment to let me know how it worked out.

Suggested materials:
  • Coconut oil hair conditioner
  • Color butter toner for hair
  • Bowl for mixing
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