Easy to Make & Use DIY Sugar Wax Recipe - No Strips Required

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I don’t know about you, but after being so long in quarantine, I had a look at my legs and thought, “Damn, girl, get it together!”. It was time to grab my natural ingredients and make my DIY sugar wax recipe (no strips required to use)!

That’s right, this popular Arabic sugar wax method is a full-proof way to remove those unwanted hairs safely. So, if you want to try this for yourself, check out my DIY sugar wax recipe tutorial below.

Tools and materials:

  • Sugar
  • Pot
  • Stove
  • Mixing spoon
  • Lemon or lemon juice
  • Water
  • Jar
  • Bowl
  • Baby powder
How to make sugar wax

1. Make the homemade sugar wax recipe

Pour two cups of plain white sugar into a pot. 

Homemade sugar wax recipe with lemon juice

Squeezing the juice from a lemon

Next, add ¼ lemon juice. If you’re wondering what I’m doing with a skewer in my hand, I’m basically poking the lemon in the center, so it’s easier to squeeze out the juice (thanks, TikTok for this wonderful hack). 

Tip: If you don’t have lemons, you can also substitute lemons with lemon juice. 

DIY sugar wax recipe

Also, add ¼ cup of water. 

Heating the ingredients

2. Heat

Now, put your stovetop on medium heat, and mix the content thoroughly, making sure it doesn't burn. 

DIY sugar wax consistency to begin with

This is the consistency you should have in the beginning. 

How to make sugar wax easily at home

As you’re mixing, the water should bubble and froth. 

DIY sugar wax consistency at the end

In the end, this is the consistency and color you want it to look like. The whole process should take around 8 minutes or so. 

Tip: Since it’s hard to see the color through the foam and bubbles, take your pot off the stove to be able to see the color. 

Leaving the homemade sugar wax to cool

3. Leave to cool

Now, leave your mixture to cool; it should take about 30 minutes or so. 

DIY sugar wax

This is how your mixture should look, kind of runny but able to hold itself. 

Pouring the sugar wax into a bowl

4. Knead the sugar wax

Now, pour the mixture into a bowl of water. Yes, my bowl should have been bigger for this step, but I used a smaller bowl just to test it out first. Pouring it in the water really helps cool the wax so you can shape it into a ball. 

Kneading the DIY sugar wax

Remove the wax from the water, and start kneading the wax, as you would with dough. 

Making DIY sugar wax at home

Your sugar wax should have this golden, rich shiny color.

How do you make sugar wax without strips?

5. Start waxing!

Apply the baby powder onto the area that you want to wax. 

How to use DIY sugar wax

Then, add a little sugar wax, and slide it up, so it catches your hair. 

DIY sugar wax recipe with no strips

Next, pull the wax away to remove those unwanted hairs. 

Using a popsicle stick to spread the wax

You can also try this method if you don’t want to get your hands sticky. Simply use a wooden popsicle stick to spread the wax and lift it from the skin. This method is easier for some people, but it’s best to try it out and see how you like it.

How to store DIY sugar wax

Have leftovers? Great, store it in a clean jar for the next time you need to use your homemade sugar wax recipe. Before using it, make sure to warm it up. 

DIY sugar wax recipe with no strips tutorial

DIY sugar wax recipe with no strips tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make sugar wax. It’s really an easy and inexpensive way to remove hair without strips. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Sugar
  • Pot
  • Stove
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  • Ramona Ramona on May 31, 2022

    Definitely trying this one! It looks good enough to eat though. I’ll have to be disciplined. lol

  • Debra Debra on Jun 25, 2022

    Definitely I will try this recipe for hair removal. I saved it to my profile so I can find this again!