How to Make Cute DIY Tiered Tassel Earrings Out of Embroidery Floss

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If you need some unique jewelry then you’re going to adore these DIY tiered tassel earrings. These DIY tassel earrings are so straightforward and quick to make, plus you can customize the colors to match your favorite outfit!

Here, I’ll show you how to make tassel earrings with embroidery floss easily; no experience required!

Tools and materials:

  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Earring hooks
Make tassel earrings with embroidery floss

1. Wrap your embroidery thread

Cut out a rectangle from a piece of cardboard; you could even use a box from an old medicine bottle.

Wrap your thread around the middle part of the rectangle about 70 times. Then, cut a piece of string and tie it around the wrapped threads to hold them in place. 

How to make DIY tassel earrings

2. Make the tassels

Next, cut it on the other end (opposite the knot). This will create a beautiful tassel effect. 

Making a tassel with embroidery thread

Take another piece of string and wrap it around the top knot. 

Cutting off the ends of the tassel

Then, tie it off and cut the ends. 

Make another two of these, and you could make it more exciting by switching up the colors. 

Ensuring all the tassels are the same length

How to get the tassels the same size

One trick to make sure all the tassels are the same length is to line each tassel up with the cardboard and cut any odd ends.

DIY tassel earrings from embroidery thread

3. Assemble the tassels

Cut the string off the top of each tassel and find the center. 

Threading the tassels together

Grab another piece of thread and feed it through the center of each tassel, stacking them on top of each other.

How to make your own tassel earrings

Tie the thread around the top piece to secure it in place. 

How to make tassel earrings

4. Add the earring hooks

At this point, add the earring hooks by feeding the main thread through the holes. Then, tie a knot around the hole and into the tassel to secure it in place. 

Tip: Put the earring over some steam to straighten the threads, and you’re done! 

DIY tiered tassel earrings

DIY tiered tassel earrings

There you have it, you've got yourself a set of beautiful DIY tiered tassel earrings.

You can customize these to certain outfits. Go wild and mix and match any color you like! The creativity is in your hands, and that’s the best part of this DIY. 

Suggested materials:
  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Cardboard
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