How to Make a Fierce Zoya the Destroya From Glow Costume for Halloween

by Janel
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"You are weak capitalist dog. I am noble Soviet bear!" Today, I’m going to show you how to make a Zoya the Destroya costume. This Glow Halloween costume looks super rad and it’s straightforward to make. Ready to wrestle? Let’s do this!

Tools and materials:

  • Stretchy metallic material
  • Bodysuit for guide
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Pins
  • Chunky belt
  • Faux-leather fabric
  • Faux-fur fabric
  • Brooch or an embellishment
  • Velcro
Tracing around a bodysuit

1. Make the pattern

To make the bodysuit pattern, grab your red metallic fabric, and fold it in half, twice. Then, place a bodysuit that fits you well over it and line it up along the fold line. Trace out the pattern using chalk, and don’t forget to add seam allowance!

Cutting out the bodysuit

Now, cut out the pattern. Be sure to pin the material so that the slippery fabric won't move out of place. 

Making a one-sleeve bodysuit

Zoya the Destroya wears a one-sleeve bodysuit. So, go ahead and remove one of the sleeves. 

Tracing a sleeve

Fold another piece of fabric, and trace the sleeve area on the fold. Use an existing sleeve to trace the pattern and line it up to the armhole of the bodysuit to get the exact measurements. 

DIY Zoya the Destroya bodysuit

So, these are the pieces you should now have after all the measuring and cutting! 

Hemming with a hot glue gun

2. Hem the costume

It’s time to start putting this magnificent Zoya the Destroya costume together! Start by hemming all the raw edges, and the best way to do this is with a hot glue gun. I had terrible luck trying to sew with this fabric, so I resorted to the good ol’ glue gun, and it really did the job! 

Hot gluing the bodysuit

3. Glue the costume

Glue the bodysuit pieces together, with the good sides facing inward. 

Lining upthe sleeve with the armhole

Line the armhole to the sleeve and overlap the sleeve, as shown. Then, glue those two pieces together as best you can. 

Gluing the crotch of the bodysuit

Don’t forget the crotch area! 

Adjusting the bodysuit

It’s best to try on the bodysuit and see how it fits at this point. For me, the chest area was way too low. So I added another piece of fabric to cover my bust. 

Tracing the arm piece

4. Create the arm piece

Zoya also wears a long arm piece, like a glove without the hand, on her bare arm. To make this, trace out a sleeve on your metallic fabric.

Hemming the fabric

Now, hem the short ends by folding the fabric over and gluing it with a hot glue gun. 

Gluing the side seam of the sleeve

Fold the fabric over, shiny sides facing each other, and glue the side seam to create the sleeve. 

Cutting the choker shape out of fabric

5. Make the choker

To make Zoya the Destroya's choker-like necklace, cut out a thick “L” shape from your fabric. (Yes, I initially thought it needed to be a T shape, but I later realized it’s not the case and changed it).

Folding and gluing the eges

Fold in the edges and glue accordingly. 

Adding Velcro to the choker

To remove the neck portion easily, add a piece of Velcro to the short end of the “L” shape. 

Making the shoulder pad

6. Make the shoulder pad and strap

No, cut out a piece of faux-fur for the shoulder pad. Paint it gold, too. 

Painting a long faux leather strap

Also, cut a long strap from the faux leather material; this will be the strap you’ll place along the chest. Go over it with black and gold paint if need be (it depends on the color of your faux leather). 

Gluing the pieces together

Once dry, glue these pieces together, as shown.

Gluing the strap to the belt

I wrapped the bottom of the strap around a thick belt that I’ll be wearing across my waist.  

Making the hat for the Zoya costume

7. Make the black hat

Take a piece of long black, faux-fur fabric and fold in the raw edges. Glue them down accordingly. 

Measuring the Zoya the Destroya hat

Then, measure around your head and cut. 

Gluing the short ends of the hat together

Glue the short ends together. 

Gluing a brooch onto the hat

The Zoya the Destroya Halloween costume is almost complete. Just glue on a broach, gem, or any sort of sparkly embellishment on the front of the hat, and you’re good to go! 

Zoya the Destroya costume

Zoya the Destroya costume tutorial

Here’s the result! What do you think? It was super fun creating this Zoya the Destroya costume! It’s fierce, sexy, and definitely one of the best Glow costumes to make!

Let me know in the comments below what you think of it, and if you’ll be recreating this Glow Halloween costume.

Suggested materials:
  • Stretchy metallic material
  • Bodysuit for guide
  • Chalk
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