5 Beautiful Ways to Make & Style a No-Sew Dress

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw
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Today, I’m going to show you how to turn this extra-large piece of fabric into a bunch of different no-sew looks. It’s a no-sew dress, so you don’t need a sewing machine. You just need some fabric and a whole bunch of pins.

Tools and materials:

  • Stretchy fabric
  • Scissors
  • Fabric chalk
  • Measuring tape
  • Safety pins

Look 1:

Fabric for the no-sew dress

1. Gather your fabric

The fabric I’m using is this large, stretchy fabric. I’m using about 2½ yards. This was the perfect amount for me.

Marking the fabric

2. Mark

Start by finding the center of your fabric, and mark five inches down. 

Marking the fabric

Then, from that point, mark six inches down. 

Marking the fabric

Then, mark the middle point between that five inches and six inches mark, which is about three inches.


Now, we’re going to create an oval. Start by marking a line 16 inches wide.

Drawing an oval

Then mark out the oval with your chalk.

Cutting the fabric

3. Cut

Cut out the oval.

Styling the no-sew dress

4. Style

To style, put your head and arms through the oval and cinch the waist with a belt, and you’re done! 

DIY no-sew dress

Here’s the finished look! This is just the first look of our DIY no-sew dress tutorial, so let’s move on to the next look.

Look 2:

Cutting the fabric

1. Cut

Cut the top edge off, and you should now have a rectangle to work with.

Pinning the fabric

2. Pin to your body

Wrap it around your body so that it goes over one of your shoulders. Once it’s nice and fitted, add a couple of safety pins to hold it in place. We’ll hide those later.

No-sew dress

Next, attach the dress to your top so that it’s nice and sturdy.

DIY wrap dress no-sew

Pull the other side around your body, and wrap it so it has some nice little pleats. Pin.

Adding a belt

3. Hide the safety pins

You can add a nice little broach over the safety pins on your side, but I decided to add a belt to bring in the waist a little bit.

Adding a pretty ribbon bow

To hide the ones on your shoulder, take some ribbon and wrap it around the strap a couple of times and then tie a pretty little bow.

DIY dress no-sew

Here’s the finished look! This DIY, no-sew dress look is really elegant and beautiful.

Look 3:

Cutting the fabric

1. Cut

For this next look, I’m just cleaning up the edges of my fabric and making sure I have the perfect rectangle to work with.

Pinning the fabric

2. Pin

Wrap it around your body, and bring it in at the center front. Put safety pins down the edge all along one side.

Adding a strap

3. Add ribbon to make straps and a belt

Take some ribbon and make an over-the-shoulder strap by attaching it to the front and the back.

No-sew dress

I also added a ribbon around my waist.

How to make a no-sew dress

4. Tape down the flaps

Finally, add some double-sided tape and tape the flaps down the middle of the dress just so the pins don’t show.

DIY no-sew dress tutorial

Here’s the finished look! This DIY no-sew dress tutorial isn’t done yet. Let’s move on to the next one!

Look 4:

Folding the fabric

1. Fold

Fold your fabric in half

Cutting the fabric

2. Cut

Cut down the folded edge so you have two, long rectangular pieces.

Attaching swimsuit bottoms

3. Pin the fabric to the swimsuit bottoms

Take a pair of swimsuit bottoms and attach those two rectangular pieces to the inside of the bottoms, overlapping them a little bit at the center. Wrap them around the back of the bottoms, and attach them in the back, too. Evenly distribute the rest of the fabric around the swimsuit bottoms and pin it together.

Pretty infinity top

Here’s the finished look! It’s this really pretty infinity top that you can pair with some shorts or a skirt. 

Look 5: 

Wrapping fabric around her body

1. Create a skirt with extra fabric

To add to the previous look, take some leftover fabric to make a wrap skirt. Simply wrap it around your body and cinch it at the waist.

No-sew dress

Here’s the finished look!

How to make a no-sew dress

This look is absolutely beautiful and there are so many different ways you can tie it to get different looks. You can do a one-shoulder look and tie it at the waist. 

A pretty, twisted strap

Or even do a really pretty twist going down the back and tie it at the side. There are so many options!

No-sew dress styles

No-sew dress tutorial

Which look is your favorite? A simple one-and-done wrap dress or the endless options that come with the infinity top? Let me know down below!

Suggested materials:
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Scissors
  • Fabric chalk
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