Maxi Skirt Style - 5 Incredible Ways to Dress Your Best

Natassia Coelho
by Natassia Coelho

The maxi skirt style never gets old! In this easy maxi skirt style tutorial, I’m going to show you five different ways to style a maxi skirt, leaving you looking bolder and definitely on fleek! I’ll be styling a green, satin maxi skirt in this tutorial, but feel free to go with any other color you have on hand. This style guide is really the ultimate guide to trendy maxi skirt styles, and you’ll actually be surprised at how gorgeous outfits you can style with this hot little number!

Style a maxi skirt

Gracious and warm

This one is for the colder season, as you can tell. I love turtlenecks, and I incorporated this in my look. I wore the maxi skirt over the black turtleneck and finished off the look with some classic high heel ankle boots. In my opinion, it’s simple and elegant. 

How to style a maxi skirt

Add a leather jacket for a more texturized and interesting vibe. The jacket definitely spices things up! 

Easy maxi skirt style

Oversized and stunning

I’m pairing my maxi dress and ankle-high heels with this warm and elegant loose-fit sweater. This is one of the ultimate, coziest outfits and is so trendy! The trick to pulling off this outfit is to wear a box-type pattern that hits at least at your waist level or below. 

Basix maxi skirt style

Fun and flirty

This outfit is so fun! Comfy, casual, and chic all at once. I paired my maxi skirt with a loose-fit graphic t-shirt, some cute white sneakers, and a snakeskin belt to just take the whole look to another level. It’s super trendy and great for a fabulous night out or a weekend kind of style.

Styling a maxi skirt

You can layer on a faux-fur coat for a more texturized and “extra” look. I love how the colors blend; this outfit is definitely a top choice! 

Chic and fab

This outfit is definitely put together and elegant. I paired my maxi skirt with a black thin spaghetti strap top and a long-knit cardigan. I added some gold, dangling earrings and spruced it up with some sexy black strappy heels to elevate the outfit. I love how the whole ensemble flows, and actually, I feel like a ballerina off duty in this style. 

A dressier option

This final look is definitely more on the dressier side. I opted for a polka dot print blouse with a classy tie-neck collar. I paired this with sleek satin ankle boots. I added a belt to define my waist, and I really think this is an amazing outfit that would look great for any formal setup. 

Add on a trench coat if you need more warmth! 

There you have it, five different looks, one maxi dress. I had a fabulous time showing you my style and outfit choices. I love how one essential item can really go a long way. As you can see, styling a maxi skirt is downright easy!

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