Learn How to Make This One-Of-A-Kind Tiered Dress From Scratch

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Why not give your dress a touch of drama and opt for a lovely tiered dress? It’s different, it’s bold, and it’s super chic! If you want to know how to sew a tiered dress, then this easy tiered dress tutorial is for you! You can wear it casually or formally depending on the occasion. I absolutely love this cute, voluminous DIY tiered dress and I know you will too. So, without further ado, let’s start sewing!

Tools and materials:

  • Sling crop top
  • Fabric
  • Lining
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine
DIY tiered dress

Make the pattern

Get a sling crop top that fits well, lay it out on a piece of paper and trace each panel of the top separately. So, this includes the two front and side panels and the back bodice. 

Sew a tiered dress

Cut the bodice pieces

Now cut out the pattern onto your main fabric and lining pieces. 

Make a tiered dress

Sew the bodice

Now, stitch the side seams accordingly so you land up with four bodice pieces; two front and back pieces with the main fabric and two front and back pieces with the lining. 

How to sew a tiered dress

Make the straps

Measure the length of your shoulders and cut out 2 straps from your fabric. Then, place the straps in between the lining and the fabric ( right sides together) and stitch the top to secure. 

How to make a tiered dress

Turn the fabric inside out and voila, you now have straps on your bodice!

tiered dress tutorial

Repeat the same for the back bodice.

tiered dress pattern

Assemble the bodice

Stitch the side seam of the front and back bodice piece. Place both pieces laying flat; making sure the fabric’s right sides are facing down. 

Make the tiered dress

Cut out two long pieces by following the measurements on the image above. Take note that the sizes may vary a little according to your waist size. Then, join line A&B together, as shown. This is for the top layer of your DIY tiered dress. Both the length of the fabric pieces should measure between 59-60 inches. The top fabric’s one side should be around 11.4 inches and the other at around 8.6 inches. The bottom panel’s sides should measure at 13.3 inches and the other side 11.4 inches.

For the bottom layer of your tiered dress, follow these measurements on the image and sew the lines C&D together, too. Both the length of the fabric pieces should measure between 118-122 inches. The top fabric’s one side should be around 11.4 inches and the other at around 15.3 inches. The bottom panel’s sides should measure at around 11.4 inches on both sides.


If you want to convert these measurements to inches, use this conversion tool. 

When the respective tiered fabric pieces are connected, sew a gathering stitch on the top of both pieces. 

Then, pull the thread to create the lovely ruffles.

Sew the tiered dress fabric ruffle pieces together, as shown. 

Optional- Make some modifications

After trying on the bodice, I decided to cut it slightly shorter than the original size. You can go ahead and do the same if you feel the same, or you can skip this part completely. I basically seam ripped the bodice on top, cut the length and repeated the same process of sewing the bodice together as mentioned above. 

I also changed the straps; from thick straps to slimmer ones. 

Assemble the whole DIY tiered dress

We are almost there! Now, pin and sew the waistline of the tiered dress to the bottom of the bodice. Make sure the waistline is approximately the same measurement as the bodice.

Owing to my bodice modification, I had to restitch the top of the bodice and sew on the straps, too. Do the same if you need to.

Add the zipper on the side of the tiered dress, as shown. Hem a straight line around the dress’ bottom and you are done! 

How adorable is this dress? It just makes you want to twirl! Let me know if you give my tutorial a try below!

Suggested materials:
  • Sling crop top
  • Fabric
  • Lining
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  • Leslie Leslie on Jun 29, 2021

    Hi Peggy, the dress is ADORABLE and well made thank you for sharing. Try it with a scoop neck T with no cuffs. To my eye the beauty of the dress is detracted by the shirt you have on. Well done :)

  • Shuganne Shuganne on Jul 29, 2021

    Hi, Peggy, I agree with Leslie, either give it sleeves or wear it without the t-shirt under it. Also, agreeing with Leslie, the dress is ADORABLE.

    I am wondering if it bothers you that the inside of the skirt is visible in the back? Would you consider lining the bottom layer with more material? Make a duplicate of the 300 cm piece and sew it so you have 2 layers, both right sides out. You wouldn't need to duplicate the front part of the bottom tier; it doesn't show.

    I wish I had a figure that looked good in a full, gathered skirt. I can see why you love twirling in it. You must feel like a princess at a ball.