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Mango butter is one of the most popular moisturizers for skin because it’s a natural, safe ingredient that feels silky smooth and smells heavenly. But did you know that mango butter also benefits hair? That means there are two great reasons to incorporate this wonder product into your beauty routine: better skin AND healthier hair!

In today’s blog post, I will be sharing the benefits, how to use mango butter for both your skin and hair and more. Ready? Let’s get started!

Table Of Contents How Is Mango Butter Made?The production process begins once the mangos are harvested either by hand or machine. The fleshy outer covering of the mango fruit is removed, leaving only the Mango “kernel,” which is then dried to remove moisture content.

The Mango kernels are then ground into a powder that is then roasted at about 90 ° C, thus removing any unwanted Mango oil; mango butter will not be formed unless Mango oil has first been removed.

Finally the kernels is sequentially extracted and rolle through a specialized centrifuge to produce Mango butter. It consists of 90% Mango oil, 8~10%% Mango protein and 1~2% Mango wax.

How To Use Mango Butter?Mango butter is a great moisturizer for your skin, and it has many benefits. Check out these 15 ways that you can use it to improve your skin and hair!

Pain relief

It helps with pain relief when used topically; apply some to areas with aches and pains like arthritis or sore muscles after a workout. You get all the anti-inflammatory effects without hassle (plus, the fragrance is really nice).

Treat Eczema

Mango butter can also be used to treat eczema. The natural properties of mango butter are soothing on irritated skin, and it’s a good moisturizer for dry patches of skin that might come from your condition; it helps with the cellular repair, so you’re less likely to have flare-ups!

Hair moisturizer

It’s also great as an ingredient in hair care products: add some to shampoos or conditioners if you need extra moisture, use it straight up before or after braiding or washing your locks.


Mango butter can also be used in cooking! Add it to your dishes for an added boost of nutrients and a little flavour.

Skin care

Being rich in vitamins A and E, Mango butter works well as a natural skincare product. It also contains Mango wax, which can be used to soothe dry skin and moisturize oily skin.

Hair cream

It can be used as a braid cream, and detangler promotes smoothness and shines whileprotectingn from breakage.

Hair Pomade

Provides extra sheen without weighing down or leaving greasy residue as traditional pomades do. Mango butter can also used on the scalp to promote growth or keep frizzy flyaways under control.

Lip Balm

Moisturizes lips better than traditional petroleum jelly lip balms due to their higher concentration of natural oils quickly absorbed into the skin. Great for those people who suffer from dry, chapped lips and sore, cracked corners of their mouth (or “cankles”).

Sunscreen Booster

Provides SPF 30 protection against UV radiation while being gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Hair Gel

Provides a firm hold for your hair without leaving it stiff or crunchy and leaves no residue as traditional gel products do. A little goes a long way!

Scalp Treatment

Promotes healthy scalp by regulating the natural oil production that keeps skin from drying out.

Anchor Lotion

An alternative to petroleum jelly, which can soothe irritated areas while providing moisture at the same time. Great for soothing sunburns on sensitive skin as well!

Baby Oil Alternative

Keeps babies’ dry patches of eczema moisturized and free of irritation due to its gentleness even when used straight from the jar with their bare hands. Tip – use as a natural diaper rash cream to treat and prevent irritation.

Wound Care

Promotes healing by keeping the skin moist while protecting from bacterial infection.

Hand Cream for Dry Hands

Keeps hands moisturized in dry environments like offices, especially when paired with gloves or hand lotion! If you have sensitive skin, try using mango butter instead of petroleum jelly.

Benefits of Mango Butter for Skin

It’s a natural moisturizer that feels silky smooth on skin. The mango butter is such an emollient that it penetrates deep into the skin to protect against moisture loss and create a protective film over your skin layer. It also has Vitamin A, which is essential for healthy hair and strong nails.

The high fat content in helps prevent dandruff, seborrhea dermatitis, eczema & psoriasis by restoring the natural skin moisture barrier.

It has a lighter consistency than most oils, so you can apply it without leaving a greasy residue on your skin .

It works as a natural sun protection and is also great for removing makeup because of its cleansing properties. You’ll want to use this product all over!

Whipped Mango butter recipe for skin

  • Measure 30g Mango butter and 10g Cocoa butter
  • Melt in a double boiler
  • Add 10g Sweet almond oil
  • Pour 5 drops of your favourite essential oil
  • Place in fridge to solidify
  • Whip to desired consistency

Benefits of Mango Butter for Hair

Mango butter is an excellent conditioner and moisturizer because it penetrates the hair shaft to remove any frizzies and keep curls looking gorgeous all day long.

It has a lighter consistency than most oils and natural butters, so you can apply it without leaving a greasy residue on your hair.

It has Vitamin A in it, which is essential to healthy hair and strong nails. It’s also an emollient that protects against moisture loss and creates a protective film on top of your skin layer.

Mango hair butter recipe

  • Measure 30 g Mango butter
  • Add 10 g Cocoa butter and melt
  • Measure 10 grams castor oil and add to melted butter
  • Add 10 drops Peppermint or Lavender essential oil
  • Whip to desired consistency

How To Store

Mango butter should be stored in a cool , dry place to maintain its optimum condition. It has a relatively long shelf life, however Mango oil will start to deteriorate shortly after being extracted and Mango protein products may become discolored over time.

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