Style: The Basic Essential Living Room Looks for Thanksgiving: Stripes

by Iam.morganb

Happy Monday! Today wraps up the final week of our basic essential living room looks for Thanksgiving. I am so ready for Thursday so I can show up in the living room with my look, and a hungry belly (lol). Well, I am not going to hold you all long so we are going to get right into it. I only needed to provide you with 3 looks, but I said why not give the babes a full weeks worth of looks for the living room to give them options ok! So let’s get into the basic essential living room looks for Thanksgiving: Stripes Edition.

1. Black and White Stripe Dress

The first style of stripe we are going to get into is a black and white stripe dress. Black and white is the most minimalist and classic stripe there is. This style is a go to because it is easy to put together and go.

Outfit Details: Dress: Dillard’s, Blazer: Dots, Boots: Bebe, Clutch: Trend Mall

Because black and white is a universal color you can add your own personality with color. Add your own style of coat or blazer with color to match the fall season, and a style of boot of your choice. If your legs get cold add a pair of stockings to keep your legs warm.

2. Black and White Stripe Skirt

The second style of stripe is a black and white skirt. This is another classic style that is simple and easy to put together.

Outfit Details: Vest: Rainbow, Top: Rue 21, Skirt: Charlotte Russe, Boots: Bebe

I decided to make this look fun by adding a bell sleeve top. The top has a open front, but showed too much boob (lol). So I turned the shirt around and wore it backwards. In my opinion it came out better and no one would even notice. “Style Up” by adding a fur vest to get into the fall/winter spirit. It rarely gets cold in Texas, but when it does I’m prepared for the cold in fashion ok!

3. Black and White Stripe Pants
*Style Tip* Purchase stripes that are vertical in design to give the illusion of being taller. When you purchase stripes horizontal in design it makes you look wider.

The third style of stripes is black and white pants. I love stripe pants because they give the illusion of making you look taller. I am short (5’0) so this style is perfect for me.

Outfit Details: Top: Ross, Pants: Thrifted, Fanny Pack: Steve Madden, Shoes: Puma

I turned my black and white dressy pants into a street style look. Add your favorite graphic tee and a solid white pair of your favorite sneakers. If you love color, add your favorite colored sneakers to match your style/personality. I added a fanny pack in place of a regular belt. This gives me the option to be hands free while chasing my child in the living room, and having a stylish belt purse. Versatility meets flexibility. “Style Up”!

4. Black and White Stripe Shirt

The fourth style of stripes is a black and white stripe shirt. Having a classic button down black and white stripe shirt is one key to your wardrobe. This style of shirt can be styled so many different ways it is crazy. Should I do a blog post about that next?

Outfit Details: Stripe shirt: Thrifted, Jeans: Thrifted, Bag: Thrifted, Boots: Bebe, Earrings: Accessory store

I decided to wear the stripe shirt open over a solid black tank top. This is a great look for my boho chic moms for the living room. Paired with my DIY ripped jeans that I thrifted from the men’s section. For the basic moms who love glam, “Style Up” by adding a pair of chandelier earrings. This is a great look for my boho chic moms for the living room.

5. Blue and White Stripe Shirt
*Style Tip* Add a long blue trench coat or blazer to keep the monochromatic look going

The final style of stripes is a blue and white stripe shirt. This is for my ladies who want to add color. Black and white is always a classic, but it is also good to add in some color.

Outfit Details: Entire Outfit: Thrifted, Belt: Forever 21

To keep the blue color going I went for a monochromatic look with silver accessories. If it decides to get cold in your area, add a blue trench coat or blazer to keep the monochromatic look going. “Style Up” by tying up your button down shirt or leave it untied and tuck it into your pants. This look is for my rich aunties who come to slay!

This wraps up our basic essential living room looks for Thanksgiving: Stripes Edition. I hope you enjoyed these looks for the past couple of weeks. Now it is time for the Christmas holidays! Let me know what you would like to see next for the month of December and I will be sure to provide. I hope you babes have a Happy Thanksgiving and I will talk to you soon! Tell me in the comments which stripe look was your favorite and how you would style it. Until next time… Happy Styling!

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