Easy Tutorial for Taming Fine Frizzy Hair

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by Glam Girl Gabi
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Do you struggle with fine, frizzy hair? I’m here to tell you that your hair is either WAVY or CURLY and you don't even know it! Follow along to see my hair routine.

Tools and materials:

  • Shampoo for curly hair 
  • Towel to dry hair
  • Treatment mask
  • Heat cap 
  • Hair growth drops
  • Scalp massager (optional)
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Defrizzing gel
  • Claw clip
  • Wet brush with multi-length bristles
  • Curling wand with small barrel
Applying products to damp fine frizzy hair

Wavy and curly hair is prone to dryness and frizz. I do a treatment mask at least once a week to nourish those strands.

1. Clean your hair

Wash your hair with shampoo that’s formulated to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss if, like me, that’s been a big struggle.

Look for a shampoo with strengthening ingredients like keratin and biotin, and free of parabens and silicones which are big no-nos for curly hair.

2. Towel dry your hair

This allows nutrients from the mask to absorb better.

3. Apply the treatment mask

The key is to heat up the hair which opens up the cuticles, allowing the conditioning agents from the mask to penetrate the hair.

Try a heat cap like mine, following its instructions for safe use. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes.

Using heat cap on fine frizzy hair

4. Rinse with cool water

This increases your hair’s shine. 

5. Use hair growth drops

Part your hair and apply intensive hair growth drops to the scalp, focusing on areas with hair thinning. Massage the scalp with your fingers or with a scalp massager.

I chose a lightweight, leave-in serum that nourishes hair with essential nutrients to support healthy growth. 

Applying hair growth drops

If you experience hair loss, I also recommend focusing on the inside of the body. Try adding a hair growth vitamin to your routine.

6. Apply leave-in conditioner

Put it about one inch away from roots to the ends, followed by a defrizzing gel.

7. Add volume

Try this styling technique in Manes By Mell's video " Curly Hair Styling Mistakes To Avoid."

Start by sectioning the top of your hair with a claw clip. Then brush small sections of hair diagonally back to give some lift at the roots. Try a brush with multi-length bristles to detangle with minimal breakage.

Brushing hair

8. Boost hair texture

Scrunch your hair in small chunks to clump curls together.

Scrunching hair

9. Use the herringbone technique

At the top of your head, make herringbone sections to give volume and avoid a defined part line.

(If I just parted my fine hair and scrunched it, I would get a flat top with curls starting too low.) * See video from 5:15 -5:58.

Combing hair

Then flip your hair over again and scrunch more gel into it. 

Scrunching hair

10. Dry hair at the roots

Start by drying near the roots, where most moisture accumulates. Use a hover diffuser on the highest heat and speed. Avoid squishing your curls because it will ruin the shape and create frizz.

Blow drying hair

When you feel your roots starting to get dry, you can lightly break up the hair a bit to infuse more air into the roots. 

11. Flip and dry

When your hair feels about 30-40% dry, flip it to one side to create volume. Then diffuse, hover, diffuse etc. Finally, flip the hair to the other side and do the same. You can see that my curls are starting to get volume and lift.

Scrunched and styled hair

13. Lower hair dryer settings

Once your hair is about 75% dry, lower the speed and heat of the dryer. Now that the curls have formed, you can diffuse them slightly to get moisture out of the mid shaft and ends.

14. Final hover dry

Make sure you don’t over dry your hair because that can ruin the look and health of your curls. When your hair is almost completely dry, finish it off by hover drying again, without the pumping motion.

15. Scrunch your dry hair

Wash and dry your hands. Then, on completely dry hair, scrunch out the crunch to make the hair feel soft. This removes the hard cast that formed from the gel.

16. Define and perfect your curls

Use a curling wand with a small barrel to re-curl the areas that didn’t form properly. For me, it’s usually the bleached pieces. Find where the curl formed in the roots and just help it along with the barrel.

Curling hair with heat

Completed hair look

Here's the finished look! I hope you enjoyed my tips for taming fine, frizzy hair. Share your before and after pics below after trying this method.

Suggested materials:
  • Shampoo for curly hair
  • Towel to dry hair
  • Treatment mask
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