Looking for Quick Glam? Try This Get Ready With Me Makeup Tutorial

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Hi, everyone. I’m going to do a really quick "get ready with me" makeup tutorial to show you how I did today’s date night look in just a few minutes. The GRWM (get ready with me) trend is so much fun, so follow along as I get glammed up for an evening out with my husband. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Setting powder
  • Eyeshadow
  • Powdered eyeliner
  • Brow gel
  • Mascara
  • Bronzer 
  • Blush
  • Lipliner
  • Lip tint
  • Lipgloss
Applying foundation with fingers

1. Apply foundation

We’re jumping straight into foundation—no primer—to keep this look as quick as possible.

Rub the foundation into your skin and over your lids with your fingertips as if it were a moisturizer. This will cover the face beautifully, covering open pores, hyperpigmentation, and redness. 

Applying concealer under the eyes

2. Add concealer to the under-eye

Start by dabbing a concealer under your eyelids as it’s a lot lighter and brightens the area up well.

Applying a lighter concealer to the shadow

Then, looking down, apply a lighter concealer where you can see the shadow as well as in both inner and outer corners of the eye area because those areas can get really dark. Pat that in with your fingertips.

Applying setting powder

3. Apply setting powder to set the foundation and oily areas

Use a setting powder all over your T-zone to help avoid shiny and oily skin in this area.

Applying setting powder with a big brush

Then, use a big brush to sweep the powder across the rest of your face. By applying powder this way, there won’t be any drag.

You don’t need a lot as you want the glow from within to come through and avoid cakiness.

Applying a light eyeshadow color

4. Apply a light eyeshadow shade

Brush a light shade across your lid area as a base. This will help any other color you use on the lid to look more true and vibrant.

Applying a medium-tone transitional eyeshadow color

5. Apply a medium eyeshadow shade to your lid and lower lash line

Next, grab your mid-tone eyeshadow and apply it across your brow area to give a little bit of definition. Because I have hooded lids, I don’t take deep shades down onto my lid because they won’t be visible. 

Applying eyeshadow under the eyes

Then use that same mid-shade underneath your eye as well.

Applying a deeper eyeshadow to the outer corner

6. Apply a deeper eyeshadow shade

With a slightly deeper eyeshadow color, apply to the outer corner of your lid. I just want a little bit of definition there so it doesn’t look like I just have a white lid.

Applying shimmer to the center of the eyelid

7. Apply shimmer to the center of your lid

Because this "get ready with me" is for a going-out evening look, I’m going to apply a little bit of shimmer to the center of my lid with my finger.

Applying powdered eyeliner to the lash line

8. Apply powdered eyeliner to your lash line

To finish off the eyeshadow, I’m going to apply a powdered eyeliner right against my lash line. I would normally wet the brush, but today I didn’t. When it’s wet, though, it gives a much deeper look.

Filling in brows with brow gel

9. Fill in your brows with brow gel

Use a brow gel to fill in and darken up your brows to really frame the face.

Applying mascara

10. Apply mascara

Finally, finish up the eyes with a bit of mascara.

How to clean up eyeshadow

11. Clean up your makeup

This step is optional, but if you have any eyeshadow that’s dragging your eye down as I did, you can clean it up with concealer and blend it in with a sponge to avoid harsh lines. That’ll help give you a really lovely lift.

Applying bronzer

12. Apply bronzer

Add a bit of bronzer along the top of your forehead, just under your cheekbones, and under your chin.

Applying blush to the cheekbones

13. Apply blush to cheekbones

Add blush to the cheekbones for a hint of color. I prefer to go lighter with blush when I have a red lip, so not too many parts are competing on my face.

Applying lipliner

14. Apply lip liner, lip tint, and lipgloss to your lips

Lastly, let’s do our lips. Start with a lip liner. I’m going to outline my lips, but I’m also going to add most of my red color with the pencil as it lasts longer and doesn’t smudge as much. Remember to never overline with red.

Applying lip tint with fingers

Add a bit of lip tint to your lips.

Applying lipgloss

Then, finish up with a lipgloss.

Get ready with me over 50 makeup

Get ready with me makeup

That’s the finished "get ready with me" makeup look! If you like this get ready with me makeup tutorial, let me know down below. Thanks for joining.

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Suggested materials:
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Setting powder
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