DIY Washcloth Travel Kit

2 Materials
10 Minutes

Time for a weekend getaway to that lovely hotel you enjoy staying at, but there’s a problem. You forgot to buy a bag for your toilet necessities!

Don’t worry, you can just make a travel kit instead!

All you need is a small towel, a ribbon, and a needle and a thread, or a sewing machine. Oh right, you’ll need the help of this tutorial as well. Since you already have all that, you can go ahead and start making your new travel kit right away!

Mark the towel

For starters, you can go ahead and decorate the towel in any way you want, just to give it a bit zaz.

When you finish doing that, fold the towel from the bottom up for about two-thirds of its length and pin it. Mark the fold line.

Make the pockets

Decide how many vertical pockets you want the folded sections to be split into. Mark and pin the segments when you make your choice.

It’s best to make pockets in different sizes, some narrow and some wide. Narrow ones are better for toothbrushes and such, while the wider ones can fit your toothpaste and creams nicely.

Sew the pockets

Stitch the pockets and the side edges of the washcloth to form the travel kit shape.

Finish the travel kit

Set the kit cover down so that the whole thing is closed and wrap a ribbon around it in the middle. The ribbon will serve as a lock that will prevent the kit from opening while you travel.

Sew the ribbon onto the back of the kit to finish your new travel companion.

You’re ready for that trip now! When you come back, take a look at our other tutorials, you could find something else you needed a lot and learn how to make it fast and easy. Until then, bon voyage!

Suggested materials:
  • Washcloth
  • Grosgrain ribbon

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