6 Easy Steps To Making a Hobo Shoulder Bag

3 Materials
2 Days

I have some leftover fabric that was perfect for making a bag. I love the look of Hobo Bags. They are free-spirited bags with a soft slouchy and stylish look. This fabric is heavy and has a woodblock design printed on it. I found a McCalls easy bag pattern in the shape of a hobo bag house as a guide.


  • Fabric ( 1 yard)
  • Pattern
  • Sewing Machine
  • Lining (1 yard)

1: Pinning pattern to fabric

Fold fabric with right sides together. Press pattern pieces with warm iron. Pin pattern to fabric.

2. Cutting

If layouts show a pieces extending past fold, cut all pieces except those that extend out. Open out the fabric. Cut extending pieces on the right side of the fabric. Lining Layout the fabric on the pattern and follow the instructions for lining.

3. Sewing

  1. With right sides together stitch front to back along the lower edges.
  2. To form corners bring side seams to lower seams. Stitch across corners along stitching lines.
  3. Turn bag right side out.

4. Interface.

Apply interface to lower lining sections. Stitch lower lining sections together.Leaving an opening for turning along the lower edge. Stitch corners of lining as you did for the bag. With right sides together, stitch the lower lining to upper lining. Press with iron the seam toward the lower lining.

5: Stitching lining

Stitch lining to the upper edge of the bag. Matching small dots and leaving strap ends open. Trim seam. Turn the bag and lining right side out.

6: Stitching strap

Press lining into the bag. Insert raw end of the strap into another end strap and stitch across the strap and close.

Now that the bag is complete, take a warm iron and go over each part of the bag. Hope you love this bag.

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric   (Joannes)
  • Lining   (Joannes)
  • McCalls Pattern   (Walmart)

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