How to Dress to Look Taller: 10 Petite Styling Tips & Outfit Ideas

I have an exciting styling tutorial for you for all the petite ladies! I’ll be giving you 10 fabulous tips on how to dress to look taller. These are tried and tested tips that I have used, and let me tell you, they work wonders!

I’m just under 5 ft 8, but in the fashion industry, that's not so tall. When I was a model, I discovered some tricks that helped me look taller.

So, I’ll be sharing my top style tips for petite women and how to dress to look taller. Let's get started.

How to look taller wearing tailored clothes

Tip 1 - Wear tailored clothing

If you’re looking for a full-proof way on how to look taller, then this first tip is essential. Not only is the look chic and elevated, but it gives you the illusion of extra height.

Keep your eye out for straight, tailored pieces that create a vertical line down your body. Also, try to buy blazers that sit right on the hip bone. 

How to dress to look slim and tall

Tip 2 - Embrace a high waist

This one’s a given! High-waisted pants or jeans make your waist look smaller and elongate your legs. In winter, pair your high-waisted trousers or jeans with a turtleneck for an extra height illusion. 

Style tips for petite women

Tip 3 - Wear all one color

Think of your outfit as one long column of color; the effect instantly lengthens your shape. Obviously, you can do this with a maxi dress or a long dress. It doesn’t matter; the result is still the same. 

Petite outfits ideas

Tip 4 - Don’t be afraid of shorter hemlines

A-line or skater dresses are generally flattering for petite women. If you’re under 5 ft 4, the best length is 3-4 inches above your knees.

Pairing your dresses with black tights and pointy flats will further elongate your shape as it goes back to that one-color column idea. 

How to dress to look taller by showing arms

Tip 5 - Show your arms

Going sleeveless can give the illusion you’re taller than what you are. If you’re not fond of your arms, go for little cap sleeves or elbow-length sleeves to draw attention to your waist.

This look is pretty flattering and gives a more heightened impression. So, don’t forget to show off your arms when thinking of petite outfit ideas! 

Fitted tops make you look look slim and tall

Tip 6 - Fitted tops

Love it or hate it, tight tops should be a necessity in your wardrobe. They give a general impression of more height, and simply tucking your shirt in can make a massive difference.

Also, think about v-neck shapes and turtleneck versions when purchasing a good-fitting tight top. 

How to look taller by wearing nude shoes

Tip 7 - Nude shoes

Nude shoes will never let you down! If you can find a pair of shoes to match your skin tone, you’ll make your legs look far longer. Even a pair of nude flats can work wonders elongating your frame.

Wearing nude shoes continues the tone to the floor without leaving a visual break in color. This is a well-known hack on how to dress to look slim and tall! 

Look taller by wearing cropped trousers

Tip 8 - Show off your ankles

Showing a little skin on your ankle makes you suddenly appear much taller. Cropped trousers can work great, but it’s all about finding the perfect cut. Straight crops work really well!

Pair matching sandals to your trousers to keep the vertical line strong for optimal effects. A straight leg works great when it comes to jeans, and I like turning my folded back to show off my ankles. 

How to accessorize when you're short

Tip 9 - Small bags

Forget giant totes; go for a small bag to match your outfit. A large tote can swamp petite women and exaggerate your small height.

Opt for something small and dainty if you really want to go all out on the illusion tricks. This will force you to minimize your essentials, look pretty chic, and look a little taller, too. 

Wearing pointed flats to appear taller

Tip 10 - Pointed flats

Pointed-toe flats are great for lengthening your shape, especially those in dark colors. You can wear pointed flats with a pair of straight cropped trousers that shows a little skin around your ankle maximizes the effect. 

How to dress to look taller style guide

Bonus style tips for petite women

  • Skinny belts are your new best friend! 
  • Flared jeans or trousers are great for making you look taller
  • Choose block color maxi skirts; try not to go for printed items. 
  • Tie your hair up out of the way to instantly look taller and elongated. 

How to dress to look taller

That's my style guide on how to dress to look taller. I hope you found these outfit ideas and style tips for petite women helpful. Let me know if you have any tricks to add in the comments below!

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