How to Hide Dark Circles Under Eyes: 8 Key Tips For Women Over 50

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We all hate dark circles, but there are ways to conceal those dreaded creases and shadows. I’m going to show you a few tricks for how to hide dark circles under the eyes.

This way, you’ll look fresher and feel your absolute best. Ready to learn my 8 best ways to hide dark circles under your eyes? Let’s get to it!.

Tools and materials:

  • Eye cream
  • Concealer
  • Mirror
  • Vanish cream
  • Concealer brush
  • Setting powder
  • Q-tip

Light vs dark

Before I share my tips on how to hide dark circles, I want to talk about a couple of basic guidelines when it comes to makeup.

  • Light color highlights and makes things more prominent.
  • Dark colors create shadow and make the area recede or look pushed back.

This means that applying a light concealer under your eyes will make that area look prominent. Essentially, we want to avoid this because we really don’t want bags and puffiness to come through; we want to hide them.

Also, the skin under your eyes is very delicate and sensitive. So, using the correct product is key. You don’t want to use something that will make you look more tired or wrinkled.

1. Apply eye cream

Before jumping into the makeup, apply eye cream to hydrate the skin under your eyes. Let this absorb for about 5-10 minutes. This is critical as it will provide a smoother finish for your concealer.

Choosing the right products for concealing dark circles and color correcting

2. Choose the right products

Use the right products for the under-eye area. For this reason, I don't take any of my foundation up to my eye area.

Instead, I select specific concealer products that contain a light texture and hydration. Also, choose a color corrector that neutralizes blue or purple areas. 

Applying color corrector under the eyes with fingers

3. Use color corrector before concealer

Use a color corrector under your entire eye area before applying concealer. Use your finger to pat it on, as the warmth melts the product into your skin. 

The best way to hide dark circles under your eyes

4. Top your head forward

This is one of the most critical tips when applying concealer. Tip your head forward so you can see where the shadows fall. This will be a reference where you need to apply your lighter concealer shade. 

How to do makeup to hide dark circles

5. Apply concealer to the inner and outer corners

Be sure to apply concealer to the inner and outer corners of your eyes. These areas gradually become dark as we age. Also, shadows form here, especially if you’ve got hooded eyes.

How to hide eye bags and dark circles with concealer

6. Keep the concealer where it is intended

Keep the concealer where it is intended for the best effect. Also, use a brush for this as it will surely help not smudge the concealer to other areas. 

Patting the concealer with fingers to blend

Then, pat over it with your finger. 

Setting concealer with powder

7. Set your concealer to prevent creasing

The next tip on how to hide eye bags and dark circles is to set your under-eye concealer to keep it in place. This will prevent creasing and give a smoother finish.

You can use a setting powder or even a subtle brightening powder. 

Cleaning up under-eye makeup with a q-tip

However, just before applying your powder, make sure to swipe your under eyes with a Q-tip to eliminate any extra makeup that can settle into your creases. 

Applying setting powder with a brush

When applying the brightening powder, make sure you tap off any excess from your brush. Then, gently swipe it on, as shown. 

How to hide dark circles tutorial

8. Use a q-tip to clean up the excess makeup 

After you’ve finished applying your makeup, just quickly check your under-eye area for any product that has settled into your crease.

Remember, this is a very mobile area, and things can change. So, if needed, simply smooth the eye area again using a Q-tip. Also, you can reapply a little more of the setting powder. 

How to hide dark circles under eyes

How to hide dark circles under eyes

So there you have it, some excellent ways how to hide dark circles under the eyes!

I get dark tones right in the corner of my eyes, and because I’m going through menopause, I tend to get unwanted puffiness. Another factor I have is my naturally prominent cheeks; when I smile, I get hollowed under my eyes.

The tips that I have covered on how to hide dark circles really help me and are a process I do whenever I put on makeup. It gives me a fresh, awake, and more wide-eyed look.

Thanks for joining me, and I hope you find this tutorial helpful! 

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  • Concealer
  • Mirror
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