Lipstick Hacks: How to Make Matte Lipstick at Home

by ModaMob
5 Minutes

Have you got an older lipstick that’s a beautiful color but too shiny for your liking? Follow this DIY matte lipstick tutorial to learn a super easy way to turn that shiny lipstick into a matter lipstick while preserving its gorgeous color.

All you need is some old lipstick and some baby powder. You can mix and match colors too to make your own custom matte lipstick.

Tools and materials:

  • Old shiny lipsticks
  • Small makeup or craft brush
  • Baby powder
  • Small dish
  • Small container with lid
Dabbing makeup brush to lips

The old way to make lipstick matte

The old way to instantly make a single lipstick application into matte lipstick is to apply your shiny lipstick as you normally would. Then dab a bit of tissue paper over your mouth and use a large brush to dust baby powder over the tissue paper.

That method works well for single applications, but the following method will allow you to make a quantity of matter lipstick and mix your own colors.

Slicing off a chunk of lipstick

1. Choose your lipstick color

Chunk off a small piece of your lipstick into a plate. This is where you can mix and match lipsticks to get whatever color you want to make.

Tip: When you think you have finished a tube of lipstick, there’s usually still plenty left down at the bottom. Don’t throw it out! Instead, scrape it out and make a new matte lipstick with this technique.

Adding baby powder to lipstick

2. Add baby powder

Add some baby powder to your lipstick chunk(s).

Blending lipstick and baby powder

Use a small craft brush to blend your lipstick and baby powder, adding more baby powder as necessary to get the right consistency.

Transferring lipstick to small jar

3. Store your matte lipstick

Transfer your matte lipstick into a small jar.

Applying matte lipstick

4. Apply your matte lipstick

Use a small brush to apply your new matte lipstick. You can see how it hasn’t lost any of the original deep color. 

If you want it to look even more matte, use the old-school trick from step 1 after you have applied your matte lipstick.                                                                            

Lips looking lovely with matte lipstick

How to make matte lipstick

You can have so much fun creating your own unique matte lipstick colors with this technique. And, you will be happy to have a way to use up the bits of lipstick left in your lipstick tubes. You get to be economical and creative at the same time!

Leave a comment to let us know how you liked this matte lipstick tutorial and how many new lipstick colors you’ve created so far.

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  • Deb Deb on Sep 30, 2022

    Would like to have seen a split screen of before and after .

  • Marie Zarlingo Marie Zarlingo on Oct 01, 2022

    Although your lipstick looks great, you may want to try corn starch instead of baby powder since the talc is been known to cause cancer. They even sell some face powders in the cosmetics aisles that are talc free.

    • Leslie Leslie on Oct 24, 2022

      Hi Marie, I was just going to write the same thing. There is baby powder that is talc free. Just check the ingredients. Aluminum is a red flag also. Thank you for posting :)