How to Use Your Old Saucers and Plates to Create Jewellery

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
3 Materials
1 Hour

I love recycling old crockery and making jewellery is so much fun. Unique beautiful patterns on the vintage ceramic is just too good to be going in to landfill so I like to show ways to repurpose it.

Old crockery

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I begin to break up pieces of crockery using wheeled tile nippers and wear protective goggles to be safe from flying china. These are easy to use and I find some nice pieces suitable to make earrings.

Wheeled tile nippers

I crack the china into rough shapes I want using the nippers and then start to sand smooth edges using a rotary drill with carbide stone grinding attachment. Remember to keep Using a face mask to prevent inhalation of ceramic dust.

Sanding grind wheel

The edges take a little time to smooth and shape but when finally happy with two pieces that make earring pair it’s time to drill holes for ear fixings .

Sanding edges
Sanding smooth

Next it’s time to drill some holes in for the fixings.

I use a diamond tipped drill piece and dip in and out of water to help keep the tip cool.

Drilling hole

Soon they are both ready to have the jump rings and ear hooks threaded on.

Jump rings and ear hooks

I use rounded nosed pliers to squeeze the jump ring tight together and these are also so useful for fiddly handling of ear hooks.

Assembling earrings

I’m so pleased with final result.

Ceramic earrings
Suggested materials:
  • Round nosed pliers   (Amazon)
  • Rotary hand drill   (Amazon)
  • Silver ear hooks   (Amazon)

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