Fast and Easy DIY Jewelry Gifts...Cheap to Make, Professional Results!

Doodle T and Me!
by Doodle T and Me!
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5 Minutes

We need 30 Necklace gifts for ballerinas to celebrate their first company silver, dainty, all the same, not expensive, and we need them now.

This is a first for me...I was concerned that the project would take forever, be very tedious, expensive, and the results would look marginal at best.


Have you ever wanted to Make Your Own Jewelry???

Here is an Easy DIY Jewelry-Making that Has Professional Results...WOW!


What You Need to Make Silver Necklaces:

Pliers - for cutting chain and assembling the pieces.

Silver Chain - cut to length.

Lobster Clasps.

Jump Rings.


Silver chain - cut to the desired length with pliers.

We did standard 16 inch lengths.

Silver Chain (bulk) - Amazon LINK.

Pliers - Amazon LINK. (3 different styles of pliers)

Select the pendant. We picked whimsical clouds.

$8 for 60 cloud pendants. Amazon LINK.

1 Lobster Clasp and 3 Jump Rings for Each Necklace...

Lobster Clasp and Jump Rings (including Chain) - Amazon LINK.

Here are the Steps to Make a Necklace. Ready, Set, Go!

Step 1: Organize All the Parts.

Paper Plates help keep all the tiny parts organized...Everything is ready to go...Chain...Pliers...Pendants...Lobster Clasps...Jump Rings...Tiny Pink Gift Boxes.

Step 2: Measure and Cut the Chain.

Step 3: Add a Jump Ring to One end of the Chain.

This is one end of the chain with the Jump Ring attached.

Step 4: Add a Jump Ring to the Top of the Pendant. Slip the Chain through the Pendant...the pendant will move freely along the chain.

Step 5: Place the Lobster Clasp on the other end of the chain.


And the Best Part(!)..Try it On to Fit...Beautiful!

Each Necklace Takes less than 5 Minutes to Make...Really!

Cost for Each Necklace...about $2...Yes, Really and Truly!

With the Silver Chain on a Spool, You can customize the necklaces to any length...This is a 16 inch and a 22 inch.

Step 6: Pop into a Sweet Gift Box for Gift-Giving.

Jewelry Gift Boxes...Amazon LINK.

BEFORE: Parts of the Necklace ready to go...

Chain. Pendant. 1 Lobster Clasp. 3 Jump Rings.

AFTER. A Silver Pendant Necklace Ready for Gift-Giving.

I never dreamed jewelry-making would be this fast and this easy to do. Just think of the possibilities! But Most of All...Have Fun!

For All the Magic - Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

Suggested materials:
  • Silver Chain - in bulk   (Amazon)
  • Lobster Clasps for jewelry-making   (Amazon)
  • Jump Rings for Jewelry-making   (Amazon)
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