How to Make DIY African Fabric Bracelets Using Plastic Cups

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Let’s do a fun fabric bracelets DIY project! I have done many of these in the past, but this one is particular for a wide fabric bracelet. Making fabric bracelets is so fun, and you get to use household items, making this project inexpensive and accessible for anyone.

Also, it’s the perfect way to get rid of all your fabric scraps. In this fabric wrap bracelet tutorial, I will be using my lovely African prints. So, let’s get started and have some fun.

Tools and materials:

  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Pen
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric
  • Disposable cup
Making fabric cuff bracelets from a cup

1. Cut the cup

Here, I’m using a disposable cup; most people use it as an ice cream cup. Remember, we are going to be making a wide fabric bracelet, so we need to cut a wider portion from the top. Start by snipping the cup in half, halfway through. 

Fabric wrap bracelet tutorial

Then, cut out the bottom of the cup. 

Making fabric bracelets

Next, cut out the top rim. 

Custom fabric bracelets from plastic cups

Lay the plastic flat, and draw a straight line, as shown. 

Cutting the plastic cup to make the bracelet

Cut out the curved part, as shown. This is to ensure that your wide fabric bracelet is straight on both sides. 

Measuring the DIY bracelet

2. Measure the bracelet

Now, measure the center of the plastic and add dots lengthwise. 

How to make a fabric cuff bracelet

Now, draw a line along the dots and ensure that it’s straight. Then, cut out the curvy part. 

Trying on the bracelet shape to see the fit

Put the plastic around your wrist to see where it fits. 

Making a wide fabric bracelet

Cut the plastic accordingly so it fits your wrist perfectly. 

Gluing the plastic ends of the DIY bracelet

3. Glue the ends

Next, apply glue to one end of the plastic and stick the other end on top. 

Wrapping the fabric around the plastic cup

4. Wrap the fabric

Now, for the fun part. Take your fabric, fold it widthways, and start wrapping it around the plastic cuff. 

Gluing the fabric onto the DIY bracelet

Be sure to add glue to the cuff itself as you go along. Do this in segments, as you want the glue to be fresh as you stick down the fabric. 

Fabric bracelets handmade

Wrap the fabric around the cuff entirely. Also, smoothen the fabric and make sure there are no bumps or bubbles. 

How to make African fabric bracelets

Now, glue the end, as shown. Fold the ends into the inside of the wide fabric bracelet. Then, let the bracelet dry.

Fabric bracelets DIY

Fabric bracelets DIY tutorial

We are done! How easy was that? I love the African print; it’s so vibrant and energetic. As you can see, it’s so easy to make custom fabric bracelets. You could make a whole bunch of different prints to have in your accessory collection.

We’ve come to the end of the fabric bracelets DIY tutorial, but if you do try this, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know how it goes. 

Suggested materials:
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue
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