How To Make A Bracelet From Avocados

2 Materials
30 Minutes

I love to make fun and quirky bracelets by upcycling unusual stuff. I recently made a cool one from some old jeans seams (see here).

But this time, I used avocados. The pits of the avocados, to be more precise.

All you need is some avocado pits and an elastic cord. The blog has a super-easy way to remove the large seed from an avocado without damaging it or yourself!

Once the pit is out of the avocado, wash and dry it before slicing it into pieces about 5mm thick. Depending on the size of the avocado stone you should get 3-5 slices.

Leave the slices to dry out, they will darken as they dry. I leave mine to dry naturally for a couple of weeks, but if you are impatient then dry them in a low-temp oven for a few hours.

Then mark four spots on each slice to drill holes.

I used a small rotary drill to do this, I also sanded them smooth with the rotary tool.

I then made a polishing and cleaning mixture of oil and vinegar and polished each avocado button.

I folded some coloured elastic string in half and knotted it to form a loop and one end. I then added another knot about 2cm along the cord.

I then threaded the buttons one by one onto the elastic string.

The last button was used to hold the bracelet together using the loop at the end.

You can use them like everyday buttons for sewing projects.

There are more details and photos on the blog (link in bio) with details of another avocado button bracelet, threaded in a different way.

I have also made upcycled bracelets out of old road maps that you should check out too.

Suggested materials:
  • Avocado pit
  • Elastic cord

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