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I was looking on Pinterest for ideas to use some of the beads I've accumulated over the years and came across this pin/video. I thought it would make a lovely gift - especially for a special friend! It was a lovely wire beaded floral basket that you can wear as a necklace or pin.

I love how the wire beaded flower basket looks - it's adorable! But the video is in Vietnamese and the measurements were in centimeters translated into inches. The sizing on my first attempt didn't seem right. It was too tiny! My basket looked so much smaller and not like what was pictured, so I ended up increasing all the wire gauges, lengths of wires, and size of the beads to make a lovely piece of jewelry!  

Let's begin by cutting 10 inches of 18 gauge wire. Next, criss-cross the wire to make a loop at the top . . .

pulling the wires to make the loop smaller.

Using jewelry pliers, squeeze the wire loop closer together after straightening the entire length of wire. I used a nylon jaw flat nose pliers to straighten the the wires.

Next, measure 1 inch from the wire loop and fold wire up making another loop on each side . . .

for a total of three loops on one side and two loops in the center of two extended wires. Turn the piece upside down with the wires extending up. Make sure to squeeze each loop closer together and to try and keep the wires as straight as possible.

Next, make a circle ring on each extended end using needle nose pliers.

Flair out the bottom ends a little with fingers.

Next, cut a 6 inch piece of 18 gauge wire for the basket handle. Make a oval loop - I used a craft glue bottle to help form the round shape.

Curl the ends of the basket wire out.

Then smooth out the wire shape using a small round object like a craft paint bottle.

Next, place the handle behind the basket and curve the wire matching on the left side of the basket wire. Repeat for right side.

Next, cut 40 inches of 24 gauge wire. Fold together and straighten wires. Then open the wire by the loop and place between the handle and basket on left side with wire across (horizontal) basket. Begin weaving wire over and under the wires of the loops . . .

and back. Keep going over and under through the loops, across to the end and back over - keeping the wires straight, side by side and not twisted.

 Make sure to keep pushing the end circle loops of the handle and basket down together, curving out because they will ride up.  Also, push the wires close together as you weave each row. Continue weaving the wires over and under, through the loops until reaching the bottom.

Once reaching the bottom and there's no more room to weave, separate the wires and begin wrapping each one around the loop closest to the wires at least three or four times.

Make sure all three loops are wrapped neatly, cutting off excess wire when finish.

Next, fold the center top loops over with pliers and adjust the wire handle to a round or oval shape.

To Make the Beaded Stems: Cut off 60" of 24 gauge wire and fold in half. Thread on a bead to the center loop and twist wire several times to secure bead and form a stem. Check the height by placing it behind the basket.

Continue adding beads and twisting each one on at various lengths along the wire.

You will need to twist on 20-25 beads. Make sure you make short bead stems for the lower portion, too.

Once satisfied with the fullness of the bead stems, squeeze them close together to fit within the basket frame and place on the backside of the basket.

Begin wrapping the end wires (left and right) through openings around the top of the basket to secure in place. Leave enough wire ends on each side to wrap loosely around the basket handle. 

If you don't have enough wire left to wrap around the handle after making the bead stems, make sure the beads are secure enough to the basket and cut off the excess wire. Then cut off enough new wire to wrap around the handle, securing the ends on the basket.  And finally, adjust the flower stems.

I love how this turned out! Looks really beautiful and it's so versatile to make just by using different types and color of beads and wire for almost any occasion!

Suggested materials:
  • 18 gauge gold wire
  • 24 gauge gold wire
  • Bicone beads - 6mm
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