How to Make Delightful Old English Roses Earrings From Broken China

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
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I won a big box of broken vintage china crockery for just a few pounds on an online auction site and was so excited to find original old lovely pieces to transform into unique ceramic jewellery .

Box of broken china

I saw the old English roses on the broken mug which looks delightfully pretty and decide to create some lovely earring pieces from it.

Broken mug

I start to cut the china mug into smaller pieces to be useable and some smaller pieces that can be made into ceramic mosaic tiles also. So recycling as much of the item as I can is so environmentally good too!

Cutting china

When I use wheeled tile nippers and cut the ceramics I wear goggles to protect my eyes.

I find a couple of pieces that I think I can begin to shape into dangle earrings. I choose pieces where the designs match and have an pretty appeal with red pink florals.

Shape china

Next step is to sand and smooth the edges and I use a mini Hand held grinder attachment. Slowly the shape comes to how I like it and ready to drill a hole for earring fixings.

Sanding edges smooth
Drill hole

Fixing the silver jump rings and earring hooks to complete the pieces is easy. I use round nosed pliers and push the rings through the little hole and close the gap using the pliers so it’s secure. The earring hooks I use are sterling silver and just loop into rings easily to complete the look.

Fixing ear hooks

The finished earrings are so unique sweet and vintage and environmentally eco friendly too!

Broken china earrings
Broken china earrings
Suggested materials:
  • Vintage china cup   (Amazon)
  • Hand held mini sander   (Amazon)
  • Sterling silver ear hooks   (Amazon)

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  • Susan Goode Susan Goode on May 04, 2021

    Thanks and yes finding a smooth well made pair is the key!

  • Catrin DiMartino Catrin DiMartino on May 24, 2023

    like your work.

    Can you share where you purchased your tools and what they are called?

    thank you for sharing

    • Susan Goode Susan Goode on May 24, 2023

      Thanks and a dremel mini rotary drill/sander or similar and wheeled tile nippers and round nosed pliers all on amazon