Turn You Old Vinyl Records Into One of a Kind Earrings!

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
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I cleared out some old stuff from the loft, And was wondering what I could do with these old records. I began trying to cut into the black disc with scissors and found it was quite easy!

with jewellery in mind I cut some shapes that I could work with to make earrings out of.

Cutting a record

I keep carefully cutting through the vinyl until I have two long slim shapes of black that I can sand and smooth.

Cutting vinyl
Cutting out a shape

The process of smoothing with a mini hand held drill with a grind stone to smooth away the rough edges is easy.

take your time and wear protecting eye goggles to be on safe side of any flying pieces.


Next is time to drill a little hole in the top with a small diamond tip piece that slots into the drill tip is so easy to go through the vinyl.

Into the little hole I then add a silver jump ring through the gap then close securely ready for ear hooks. These sterling silver ear hooks are easily fitted using round nose pliers.

Add jump rings

I am so inspired as there are many design options.

I love these unusual up-cycled earrings that really swing and dangle and so lightweight and original eco jewellery!

Vinyl record earrings
Earrings from vinyl record
Suggested materials:
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  • Small hand held drill   (Amazon)

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