How to Make a Lovely Pendant Necklace From Old China

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
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I adore recycling old worn vintage ceramics. I am always looking for ways to breathe new life into tired pieces so as everyone recognises the English blue willow patterned china from table ware I thought I’d use a broken piece to make a unique pendant.

It’s a great way to recycle and add a unique statement piece of social history in your jewellery.

Blue willow pattern china

I use wheeled tile nippers to break and shape the pieces that I think would work. I look for a pattern and shape that would look good on a piece of jewellery. Please wear safety goggles when cutting china and ceramic to prevent shards causing damage to your eyes.

Choosing the right piece for a pendant

I use a mini hand held rotary sander with a carbide grinding stone to smooth away the rough edges and shape it slightly to balance the look.

Hand held mini sander
Add a bail

Adding a bail to thread a chain on to is easy they come in various sizes and shapes. I Just pinch the little prongs into the pre drilled hole and it’s in place ready to thread the snake chain through.

I chose a 10 inch sterling silver snake chain which I think compliments well the china pendant but you could use any type or length you prefer.

Adding a chain
Pendant from old china
Blue willow pattern pendant
Suggested materials:
  • Sterling silver snake chain   (Amazon)
  • Silver bail   (Amazon)

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