How to Make a Pretty Pendant Necklace From an Old Dish

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
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1 Hour

up-cycling from used worn and outdated items is an eco friendly and cost effective way to make a unique quirky piece of jewellery so I had an idea or two from this bunch of old broken crockery to transform into memorable delicate necklaces.

Old crockery

Some of the pretty bone china items with patterns and flowers painted on really look ideal to choose from but of course you can decide your pieces according to your taste and preference.

Cutting china

I use wheeled tile nippers for cutting into the ceramic and shaping and sometimes how it cracks then determines the final shape, even if it’s irregular.

The next step is to smooth edges with a mini sander.

Smooth edges with sander

I use a mini hand drill with a sanding attachment.

The next stage is to drill and make a hole for silver bail to thread through. You can alternatively use a glued bail if you prefer not to drill. I use a diamond tip piece and Dip in and out of water to keep it cool.

Drill hole

So many nice pieces to choose from and all make lovely pendants!

I attach a silver bail into the drilled hole by pinching it with pliers.

Adding a bail

You can use any type of chain or cord to the pendant and vary length according to preference. Mix and match designs too!

China Pendant
Up cycled china pendant
Suggested materials:
  • Mini hand drill   (Amazon)
  • Snake chain silver   (Amazon)

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