How to Easily Turn an Old Bridesmaid Dress Into a Jumpsuit

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Today, I'm going to show you a fun way to turn old an bridesmaid’s dress (or prom dress) into a jumpsuit! This is a great way to revamp an occasion dress and make it more wearable for your everyday life. Let's get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Bridesmaid or prom dress
  • Seam ripper
  • Baggy pair of pants or jumpsuit
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Markers
  • Paper
  • Measuring tape
Seam ripping the bodice from the skirt

1. Take apart the dress 

To start this project, I first turned the dress inside out. 

I used a seam ripper to separate the bodice from the skirt, unpicking the seams around the waistline until they were fully disconnected.  

Once that was done, I had a bodice, a skirt, and a piece of elastic that I saved to use later.  

Loose jumpsuit to use for the pattern

2. Make the pants pattern 

Next, I grabbed a jumpsuit to use to draw a pants pattern. You can also use a pair of pants that are a little bit loose-fitting. 


Making the pants pattern

To make the pattern, I folded the pants in half and traced the front side of them. I pulled out the seams so I could lay them as flat as I could because I wanted to trace right along the seam line. 

How to make a pants pattern

After I traced, I used a ruler and a marker to straighten the lines a little bit.  

Pulling out the crotch of the pants

For the backside of the pants, I folded the pattern pair in half again and laid them out, pulling the crotch seam out as best as I could. I wanted them to lay as flat as possible to get the most accurate lines. 

Adding length to the waist

I needed to add a little bit of length to the waist because the bodice I had was a bit short. 

To do that, I added about 5 inches onto the pants to make up for that extra distance. 

How to modify and adjust the pants pattern

Once I added the 5 inches to the waist on the back, I did the same thing to the front.  

Measuring the hips with a measuring tape

I also wanted to add a little bit of width to the waist. I measured my hips at the widest part, which was 39 inches. I took that measurement and divided it by 4 because one pant leg pattern goes around a fourth of your body.  

Adding width to the hip area

I drew out the added width and then straightened my lines and blended them in a little bit. 

Drawing the pants pattern

I did the same to each side.   

Adding seam allowance to the pants pattern

Finally, I added half an inch for seam allowance all around and about an inch on the bottom for hem allowance. 

Cutting out the paper pants pattern

3. Cut the pattern 

Then, I cut it all out. 


Aligning the front and back pattern pieces

Once they were cut out, I laid the backside of the pants on top of the front to make sure they matched up at the correct places.

I also ended up adding a little bit more width near my hips. I realized that I don't want these pants to be skin tight, so added about an inch. 

Cutting the fabric and the lining from the skirt

4. Cut the fabric and the lining

My skirt had a lining in it so I had to separate the lining from the skirt piece by cutting it along the top. This allowed me to be able to pull out the lining and work with the two pieces separately. 

Using the pattern to cut the fabric

First, I cut the pants pieces out of the regular fabric.

Cutting the pattern pieces out of the lining fabric

Then, I cut the same pieces out of the lining. You don’t need a lining if you don’t have one. My fabric was a little bit see-through so I definitely needed a lining.  

Sewing the lining and the fabric together

5. Sew the lining and the fabric together

I went ahead and sewed the outside of the fabric to the lining. I laid them wrong sides together and pinned them. I also did the same thing for all of the pants pieces. 

Sewing the pants

6. Sew the pants

Then, it was time to connect the pants. I laid the front right leg and the back right leg down, right sides together, pinned down the inseam and the side seam, then sewed them.

Pinning the crotch seam ready to sew

Once both pant legs were done, I needed to connect them along the crotch. I flipped one pant leg right side out and placed it inside the other pant so that the pieces were right sides together.  

Then, I pinned it along that crotch seam and sewed it. 

How to make a long dress into a jumpsuit

Now came the fun part! I flipped the pant legs right side out and had a pair of beautiful-looking pants.  

Measuring elastic around the waist

7. Add the elastic 

Remember that elastic that I saved? Next, I measured my waist and cut the elastic to that measurement.


Marking the center of the elastic

I marked the center point of the elastic with a pin.

Pinning the elastic to the waistline

I lined it up with the middle of my pants.  

Maxi dress into a jumpsuit DIY

Then, I folded each half in half and marked the halfway point with a pin.  

Easy bridesmaid dress makeover

I attached those halfway points to the side seams of the pants. Basically, I pinned the elastic equidistant around my waist.  

Sewing the elastic into the pants

With the elastic in place, I sewed it to the pants, stretching the elastic out as I sewed.  

DIY maxi dress into jumpsuit

I wanted the elastic to look like this and cinch the waist when it was done.  

Sewing the pants and bodice together

8. Add the bodice 

Once the elastic was sewn in, I connected the bodice to the pants. To do that, I flipped the bodice inside out and placed it around the pants, making sure to match up the side seams. 

I pinned and sewed it in place.

Hemming the bottom of the pants

9. Hem the pants 

Last but not least, I hemmed the bottom of the pants. I folded the hems up once and then folded them up again a half an inch. I pinned the hem in place and sewed it down.

Turning a bridesmaid dress into a jumpsuit

How to turn a bridesmaid dress into a jumpsuit

How adorable is this jumpsuit? This is such a fun way to turn a dress into a jumpsuit and use that old formal dress that might be sitting in the back of your closet.

I hope you enjoyed this bridesmaid dress makeover. Let me know what you think of this tutorial and the final result in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Bridesmaid or prom dress
  • Seam ripper
  • Baggy pair of pants or jumpsuit
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