Lifting Makeup Tutorial for Mature Skin

5 Materials
15 Minutes

In this makeup tutorial for mature skin, I demonstrate how to add an instant lift to your everyday makeup.

The makeup I’m using is from the Look Fabulous Forever range, made specifically for mature skin. However, you can achieve the same results with any brand of makeup.

This method uses just 3 additional products, specifically designed for older women. Follow along for this (faux) makeup face lift.

Tools and materials:

  • Lid color in golden mist
  • Lip brush
  • Eye highlighter
  • Concealer brush
  • Lip shine
Base makeup

1. Apply your everyday makeup

Start off this lifting face makeup with your usual, everyday products as a base.

I’ve already applied my base makeup as well as eyeshadow, lip liner and lip color.

2. Add lid color to the center of your eyelids

Once your base eye makeup is ready, apply a small amount of the golden, lid color to the center of each eyelid.

You can choose a cooler shade if you prefer. Use this product sparingly for just a touch of shine at the inner third of your lids. 

Adding lid color

This product is slightly sticky, so keep your eyes mostly closed until it dries.

Use a lip brush to gently blend the color. Use your finger as needed to further smooth the color, making sure you aren’t removing it.

Adding lid color

3. Apply eye highlighter pen under your eyebrows

I call this product the magic pen! I like to apply this in a few areas.

Click the top of the pen to release the makeup and start by applying it just under the highest part of your eyebrows.

Applying eye highlighter

Then, use a small concealer brush or clean fingers to blend that in.

Applying eye highlighter

4. Apply the highlighter pen at your cheekbones

Now, apply this product on your cheekbones in a C shape. I don’t want a very shiny look, which is what I might’ve done when I was younger.

To avoid highlighting fine lines around the cheeks, apply just a few dots of the product on each cheekbone.

This adds a subtle dewiness, reflecting the light when you turn your face. 

Applying highlight to cheekbones

Then, with your fingers, dab the product in to blend it.

Applying highlight to cheekbones

5. Apply the highlighter pen to your nose

To slim the nose, draw a line down the center of your nose with the highlighter pen.

Applying highlight to nose

Then blend it by dabbing the line with your finger.  

Applying highlight to nose

6. Use the highlighter pen on wrinkles

You can also apply this product to any fine lines that you want to soften them, since light brings them forward.

Using highlight pen on wrinkles

For example, you can apply this to frown lines around your mouth.

Using highlight pen on wrinkles

7. Highlight your cupid’s bow

Another tip is to apply the highlighter pen along your cupid’s bow to make your lips slightly pop.

Make sure you only apply a small amount to the top, center area. You don’t want it to look like you just drank a frothy cappuccino!

Highlighting cupid's bow

8. Add fullness to your lips

This step occurs after you’ve applied your regular lip liner to the outer edges of your lips and filled in with lip color.

For an instant brightening effect, apply a lip shine. Choose a neutral, warm or cool shade depending on your skin tone.

If you love your base color and don’t want to alter it, choose a clear gloss.

Apply the lip shine just to the center of your top and bottom lip.

Adding fullness to lips

Here are the final results of this makeup face lift:

Face lift makeup

Makeup tutorial for mature skin

If you’re feeling a bit dull and you want a makeup face lift, use a lid color, highlighter pen and lip shine following this easy, mature skin makeup tutorial.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Suggested materials:
  • Lid color in golden mist
  • Lip brush
  • Eye highlighter
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