Easy Way to Have a Perfect Coat Belt Knot!

Do you love coats as much as I do? I’m always waiting for winter impatiently, and not only because of Christmas and presents, but also because I can pull my coats from the back of my closet and finally wear them. However what was always bugging me while wearing my coats, was the belt knot. It somehow looked messy and ugly and I always felt like it was ruining my perfect winter look. With time I came up with a technique that helps me get a perfect knot every time!

I already have one tutorial on how to tie a coat belt making a loop, and if you have longer belt you might want to check it out. However, for short belts it will not work. So here is another way of getting your perfect knot.

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That knot doesn’t look very tidy, does it?

Let’s start again and do it the right way!

The first step is to tie a single overhand knot and tighten it to cinch your waist. It’s very important to keep the upper part of the tie straight up and the lower part straight down, so that both of them are perpendicular to your belt.

Now you want to drop the upper part to let it hang downwards.

Then, guide the tail of upper part behind the lower part creating a loop and point it out to the side, pulling through the loop.

Pull the ends gently to tighten the knot. Be careful when pulling, keeping the nice square-shaped knot in the middle. You can adjust the knot by holding it with one hand while pulling the end with another.

Position both ends to fall from the bottom corners of the square knot.

And there you go, your perfectly looking belt knot is ready!

Let me know what you think in the comments below and I hope you like this!




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  • Rc Shoe Rc Shoe on Dec 29, 2022

    This is a knot I learned in the late 60's for my McDonalds uniform bow. Still use it on scarfs and belts.