How to Style a Boucle Jacket Three Ways

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Introduction to How to Style a Boucle Jacket Three WaysIn this post, I will show you three ways to style a boucle jacket. I love the classic look of a boucle jacket. The jacket originated in 1954 when Coco Channel created the first boucle, tweed jacket that has subsequently become an iconic ladylike style. It gets reinvented every year by Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel as well as many other designers.

One may also ask, what does boucle look like?

Bouclé fabric is characterized by a curly, knotted appearance that is created by its open, weave using fancy yarns, lurex threads, trims, ribbons, and sometimes sequins in various colors.

First Way:

I love this outfit! I love mixing the dressy boucle tweed jacket (with distressed jeans. I linked another jacket because the exact one I'm wearing is not available online.

Style tip: I enjoy combining two different styles of pieces in one outfit, such as a dressier item with a more casual item as it’s a bit unexpected and therefore more interesting. I sported a burgundy foulard print shirt under the jacket and I balanced off the burgundy color with the same colored boots. (Foulard is a fabric typically with a small print on it.) My black pebbled leather doctor’s bag and my black sunglasses accent the black trim on the boucle jacket.

Second Outfit:

This is a classic way to style a lady’s boucle jacket. I paired the black boucle jacket with a pair of wide-leg black trousers and a black tank top. For added style, I added a necklace composed of multiple strands of tiny white pearls as well as diamond stud earrings.

Style tip: At my waist, I added a silver chain link belt. This helps to define my waist while at the same time, not emphasizing it. What I mean is just the center third of my waist is accented while the two sides are hidden under the jacket.

Third Outfit:

In this third outfit, I wore a pretty lace-edged cream camisole under the jacket. I added opera-length pearls, diamond stud earrings.

Style tip: To balance the cream camisole with the rest of the heavier, darker pieces, I employed the “sandwich technique”. With this method, one typically wears similar tones on the top and bottom of the outfit (the “bread”), while wearing something quite different in the middle (“the meat”). The cream camisole and cream loafers are the “bread” and the jeans are the “meat”.

For my curious readers, the Bombay chest is from a local thrift store as are the two boxwood topiaries, (similar, here). The umbrella print is from here.


So what do you think? Have I inspired you to shop your closet (or my links) to get a boucle jacket? It’s such a classic lady-like style that can be worn so many different ways. Let me know your thoughts below in the comments. And please feel free to suggest other fashion questions you would like me to address.


Dr. Julie

PS I just ordered this Evereve boucle/moto jacket yesterday! It is so cute! I can’t wait to get it! If you love this style as much as I think you do, you should order it today!!! It was flying out of the store! Happy Shopping!!!

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