How to Style a Denim Jacket- 10 Stylish Looks

Natassia Coelho
by Natassia Coelho

Denim jackets are the ideal essential item to have in your closet. Why? It's stylish, it's comfy, it goes with just about anything, and it will always remain trendy. I love wearing my denim jacket during the spring because it just gives me another layer of warmth for those chilly days. I will be showing you how to style a denim jacket with 10 different, voguish looks. If you are looking for an office or casual denim jacket style, I have covered pretty much everything in this awesome style guide. Let's get started!

denim jacket style

Look 1

Patterned jeans are just super cool. I love the print, and I love that it's breaking the boundaries and a denim jacket really goes hand-in-hand with this entire look. I got these striped jeans at a bargain, too. Pair with some white sneakers, and you have the ultimate casual outfit.

Styling a denim jacket

Look 2

If you're looking for an effortlessly casual yet timeless look, then pairing your denim jacket with a patterned dress is just… gorgeous! My pattern has a lovely blueprint to it, so it really goes with the blue denim jacket. I added a pair of white sneakers to this look, and voila!

Style a denim jacket

Look 3

You seriously don't have to match the color of your denim, and this look just proves that. Here, I wore light denim Bermuda jeans, with a striped button-down shirt and a pair of cute white loafers. I really love pairing darker wash with light wash denim; it adds a great contrast to the look.

Easy denim jacket style

Look 4

Let's get our Hawaiian vibe on! It's no secret that Hawaiian prints are a classic fashion piece to have, and you don't have to wear this only to the beach. Look how great it looks when it's paired with a denim jacket and jeans? A bold pop of color really adds some flavor to denim on denim looks. I also rolled up my jeans to give it more of a cropped look and tucked in my shirt.

Casual denim jacket style

Look 5

This is one of my favorite spring and summer looks- a bright bodysuit and a lovely pair of printed wide-leg pants. Throw on your denim jacket, and you have a beautiful, cohesive ensemble! Ok, so my pants are a little too long for me, I needed them hemmed, but you get the feeling that I'm aiming for, right?

Office denim jacket style

Look 6

This look is more minimal and casual. I had to add a crop top to one of my looks, and here it is! I am wearing a white crop top, high-waisted black trousers, and a fierce pair of ankle boots. This combo is basic yet super sexy.

How to wear a denim jacket

Look 7

Here's a Summer classic; white on white! This is super cute and fun, and the denim jacket just gives it a rounded-up feel. Going all monochrome and using your denim jacket as a neutral contrast is super trendy these days. I even wore white shoes, so that everything is white. Here, I am wearing a white linen shirt and white jeans for this splendid, timeless look.


Have fun with the colors. You can go for an all pink or black look. It really is up to your personal preference.

Spring denim jacket

Look 8

Want a super cozy outfit and still look great? This one's for you! I am wearing baggy oversized joggers, a cropped black t-shirt, sneakers, and my trusted denim jacket. I opted for black, as I feel it's super chic and pulls off an elegant look. It's great for running errands and still looking dressed up when doing mundane tasks.

Summer denim jacket

Look 9

This is my ultimate style hack; throwing on a denim jacket over a fancy dress. I think it gives the whole outfit a more grounded vibe. I'm wearing a sleek, black satin maxi dress, A pair of heels, and my denim jacket. I think it's a match made in heaven kind of outfit and is all you need to stand out from the crowds in a formal environment.


You can do the same with a lace dress, sequined dress, or anything flowy and fun.

Fun denim jacket style

Look 10

Another stunning option is pairing a basic tank top with a printed skirt and denim jacket. I love how the printed skirt gives it an intricate contrast. I paired this outfit with black, classic loafers. You could switch the shoes to sneakers or strappy cute sandals.

Casual denim jacket style

Look 11

Woah! Bonus look! I just had to show you this beautiful ensemble. It's a simple equation- A t-shirt dress and denim jacket. That's all to it. It looks funky fun and is super comfortable during the warmer seasons. It's easy, simple, and comfortable!

There you have it, ladies! 11 perfect looks when it comes to styling a denim jacket. I personally love all these looks, and I find each one unique, and of course, sassy! There's really nothing a denim jacket cannot do!

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