How to Style a White Blazer

by Marina

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I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful white blazer recently. I decided that I had to create a lookbook of different ways to style the blazer. The blazer added so much to my outfits! Knowing how to style a white blazer is an easy and effortless way to always feel and look put together.

White blazer

The neutral look 

For my first outfit featuring this beautiful, white blazer, I am wearing this gorgeous mini skirt and champagne draping top. I popped my new, white blazer over my top and it pulled the whole look together. This outfit works well with a nice pair of neutral heels. This is a simple, yet feminine look. It’s not a difficult outfit to put together but one can't deny that this blazer completely elevates the look. 

Cinch in the waist

The black undertone look 

In this second look, I went for all the black undertones. I am wearing black pants, black heels, a black lace top, and a black belt to help cinch in my waist. I absolutely adore this look! I love the strong line this outfit creates and the slight edginess in it. There is no denying this is an elegant and beautiful look! Apart from cinching the waist, I also like to pull the sleeves of the blazer up a little because I just think it’s a great way to style a blazer. 

Pull up the sleeves

For this next look, I really wanted to try styling my leather pants. I love to put different kinds of pieces together and make them work. In this look, my leather pants are definitely more casual, and pairing them with this elegant blazer just works! I am wearing a neutral knit top and once again, I cinched in my waist with a belt. This is more of a trendy, street style look that perfectly mixes different clothing styles together. 

White blazer style

The put-together look 

For this next look, I paired my new, off-white blazer with a champagne-colored, button-down shirt that I adore. I, of course, cinched in my waist with my black belt. I love the beige pants and knee-high boots together in this look. It is amazing that all these tones work so perfectly together! This is the kind of outfit that makes me feel put together but not too dressed up. 

Pair with a dress

The blazer over a dress look 

For this next outfit, I just want to show you how you can wear a white blazer with any dress. In this particular look, I popped the blazer over my shoulders. I am wearing this autumnal dress with a belt to cinch in the waist. Once again, I am wearing a pair of black knee-high boots. I love the ladylike style of wearing the blazer over the shoulders. This look is super chic and effortless! 

Styling a white blazer

The casual look

This final look is a casual, everyday outfit. This look has a really relaxed note to it that comes from styling the white blazer with a pair of jeans. I paired the blazer and jeans with a cream blouse and my pair of Adidas trainers. This casual, sporty look is an outfit everyone needs to have in their wardrobe. There are so many ways to style a white blazer from dressy to casual. Let me know which look you like best in the comments below! 

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  • Grandmasue10 Grandmasue10 on Jan 29, 2021

    Either the blazer is too long or the skirts are too short. Reminds me of the rock song, "I like a short skirt and a loooong coat." It suggests nothing under the coat.

    • Marina Marina on Jan 29, 2021

      The model of this blazer is a little bit oversized that's why it reaches the bottom of this mini skirt. I like that style combination, but of course it all comes down to personal preference, that's why I also included other examples as well 😊