How to Wear a White Blazer: 6 Cute Outfit Ideas

Bisa Styles
by Bisa Styles

Wondering how to wear a white blazer? You’ve come to the right place because in this lookbook, I’m going to show you six white blazer outfit ideas.

Whatever occasion you’re styling your blazer for, with the right accompaniments, you can not only make it super appropriate but super gorgeous as well.

White blazer outfit with leggings

1. Elevated leggings

Everyone knows that leggings are the first choice when it comes to hanging out on the weekend, but this right here is how you can take them from humble to high-fashion.

Simply layer a white blazer over the top, and your leggings are immediately transformed.

Button your blazer up and make sure it’s double-breasted while you’re at it. Double-breasted blazers have that sophisticated edge that you don’t want to pass on.

White blazer outfit ideas

Don’t forget that a brown leather belt is always an accessory that you want to have to hand.

Monochrome white blazer outfit

2. Monochrome

To create a matching pantsuit aesthetic, find your favorite pair of white pants and pair them with your white blazer for a flawless monochrome look.

I’ll let you in on a little secret - you can actually throw in other colors when styling monochrome. To keep things from looking tedious, add in a neutral-colored top and some heels to keep things from looking tedious.

Women's white blazer outfit ideas

3. High-waisted hit

Make your waist the center of attention by opting for a pair of high-waisted pants that have their own belt. If you’re after that hourglass look, then a straight-cut pant is the one you’re after.

Create a harmonious look by adding a top in a similar yet different neutral tone, and you’re all set.

Of course, white and soft neutral colors are best friends, so your white blazer will get along just fine with the rest of the ensemble. 

Casual white blazer outfit

4. High up and high end

If you’re looking to show some leg then a mini skirt is the option for you.

A denim mini skirt with a white top is a tried and tested combination, and the white blazer will add some structure to your outfit and keep you looking classy.

Denim and white can go with any type of shoe, so when it comes to footwear, the shoe closet is your oyster.

How to wear a white blazer with color

5. Mustard tones

Time to add some color. Why not? The white can take it. I mean is there any color that white *doesn’t* go with?

If you’re looking for something that will make a bright splash yet also feel warm at the same time, mustard yellow is your color. Make it bold by opting for a pair of wide flares with a high waist. 

How to wear a white blazer

6. Off-duty model

Last up, if you want to let your hair down but still stay chic, simply layer a white blazer over your favorite relaxed jeans look.

You can dress as comfy and laid back as you want yet still have that elevated element in there as well. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it?

How to wear a white blazer

Those are my top six white blazer outfit ideas. A white blazer is definitely a worthwhile addition to have in your wardrobe.

White sits well with soft neutral tones just as much as it does with brighter colors. Dress it up or dress it down; one thing you won’t have a problem doing is dressing well.

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