How to Style a White Blouse: 8 Styling Tips & Cute Outfit Ideas

Holly Power
by Holly Power

If you’re looking for white blouse outfit ideas, or you just don’t know how to style a white blouse, keep reading! Pretty much everyone has a white button-down blouse in their closet, and if you don’t, get one.

It’s a fantastic piece to mix and match different outfits and styles without looking like you’re recycling the same look, and you can dress it up or dress it down to suit any occasion.

How to tuck a white blouse into jeans

1. Fully tucked

The blouse I chose is this flowy, white button-down with a cute pocket in the front. When I want to dress casually, I like to tuck my shirt into my jeans.

Nobody likes creasing around the waist, so really take your time smoothing out the ends of the blouse. Keep it unbuttoned at the top, for a loose and flowy look, and then roll up the sleeves.

I decided to throw on some simple gold jewelry and matched it with a black leather belt with a gold buckle. Super easy and super casual.

How to tie a button-down blouse

2. Tied in the front

Tying the shirt is another fun styling choice. Unfasten the bottom few buttons to give the ends some length, then tie them together in the front. It gives the top an effortless, cropped look.

Tuck the back into your pants or under your shirt. This is a great look when you want to come off as laidback or nonchalant, but still look like you made a bit of effort.

Different ways to tuck a button-down shirt

3. Tucked only in the front

Similar to the first look, tuck the front of your shirt in but not the back. This gives you a bit more flair, it’s super flattering without hiding the belt, and the back is loose and flowy.

I tend to have the blouse hanging over one hip so I can maintain some shape in the back, but choose what looks most flattering for you.

Styling a white blouse for winter

4. Beanie and a trench coat  

For this look, I wanted something to keep me warm. I picked these skinny jeans with holes at the knee and rolled them up a bit at the ankle.

These pure white sneakers work great with the top, which I have tucked in like the first look.

To tie it all together, I threw on this tan trench coat for those colder days. The one I’m wearing comes with a waist belt, so you can tie that up for a bit more shape.

To top it off, I chose this cute little beanie that I’m absolutely obsessed with.  

How to wear a white blouse with joggers

5. Trench coat and joggers

 For this look, I wanted to go casual without looking casual. To achieve this, I put on these black joggers with a drawstring in the front and tucked in the top all around.

These pants are super cozy but dark and slim enough that you can’t even tell they’re lounge clothes.

To dress it up, I wore these gorgeous, glossy black heeled boots. Boots are the perfect shoes if you want to enhance a super casual look. For cold weather, I picked out this black trenchcoat and left it untied.

I love this look because it’s casual enough for a day out, but dressy enough for a day in the office.

White blouse outfit with a blazer

6. Blazers  

 Blazers are a must-have. They’re business-casual without making you look stuffy or boring. Pairing a blazer with a white blouse can really embellish your outfit.

For this look, I wore it in place of the black trench coat of the last look. It’s elegant, chic, and you look professional without sacrificing comfort.

How to style a white blouse

7. Statement pants

For this look, I really wanted to go bold. Tuck the white blouse into a pair of bold red statement pants and some black sock boots, and throw on that black trench coat if it’s cold out.

This look is the ultimate girl-boss look. It’s feminine, powerful, and a guaranteed attention-grabber.

White blouse outfit ideas

8. Simple skirt

For the final look, I ditched the pants and chose this gray, pinstripe wrap skirt and tucked in only the front as shown previously.

This look is super cute and composed but flirty, making it perfect for a day out on the town.

White blouse outfit ideas

As you can probably tell, the number of white blouse outfits is countless. You could feasibly wear the top every day for a month and still rock a different look each day.

It’s super versatile, easy to manipulate, and looks good with practically anything. It’s a staple piece everyone should have in their wardrobe!


If you have a white blouse, comment on what your favorite way to style it is. Tied, tucked-in, dressed up, dressed down, subtle or bold – let us know!

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