5 Soft Pink Winter Coat Outfits That Show You How to Layer With Color


Today, I am going to show you a couple of ideas on how to style a pink winter coat outfit. There’s a load of ways to look classy and chic, even if the color of the coat is not a neutral tone.

Sometimes adding a pop of color, like I’ll show you with this soft pink winter coat, makes for a great going-out ensemble.

Wearing a pink winter coat as a dress

1. Pink winter coat outfit with a dress

Because my coat is mid-length, I decided to wear it as a dress. I matched this delicate soft pink winter coat with ankle boots, a pink handbag, and a plaid print pink scarf.

This look is pretty smart but not so overdressed. 

Pink winter coat outfit with a dress

I chose a lovely dual-colored knitted dress to wear underneath. Like this, you can either opt to button up the coat or leave it open and expose the dress beneath. 

Cute winter coat outfits

2. Pink winter coat with jeans and a floral top

The next outfit is perfect for a girls-night-out or a brunch date. It’s smart casual and the other items blend well with my soft pink winter coat.

I went for a beautiful floral print top and a pair of pumps. To give the look a little casual taste, I went for a pair of distressed jeans. I accessorized this outfit with a light pink coach bag. 

How to style a winter coat

3. Pink winter coat with jeans and sneakers

When running errands, you still want to look stylish, and this outfit is perfect! I kept my distressed jeans but switched my shoes for a pair of pale pink Nike Air Max sneakers.

I put a plain cream knit under my coat. It’s a fun, casual, and comfy outfit - perfect for those busy days. 

What to wear with a winter coat

On cold days, you can add a matching knit beanie and a scarf to keep you warm. 

All-black outfit with a soft pink coat

4. All-black outfit with a soft pink coat

I think this soft pink winter coat looks great against an all-black outfit. In the first outfit, I paired it with my black jeans, knee-high boots, and a dazzling black knit with embellishment details around the neck area.

I topped this look with a classic crossbody leather bag. This outfit is very comfortable but looks more put together. 

Casual all-black pink winter coat outfit

5. Casual all-black pink winter coat outfit

I personally like to dress classically, even if I’m flaunting casual items. Here’s another take on the all-black look - a sporty vibe!

I’m wearing a black knit top, black leggings, and a pair of black vans. I then put on my pink coat for a lovely pop of color and a classic twist. 

Pink winter coat outfits

I hope you enjoyed my pink winter coat outfit style guide, and you have some great inspiration when it comes to what to wear with a winter coat in an unusual color.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite outfit is, and I’ll see you again in my next tutorial. 

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