How to Style a Plaid Blazer

by Marina

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A plaid blazer is a super fantastic staple to have in your wardrobe, simply because you can style it in various ways. You can dress it down or dress it up. In this tutorial, I want to show you how I style this plaid blazer in 13 different ways.

Style a plaid blazer

Look 1

I’m starting with this super simple basic look. It includes a white button-down shirt and these gorgeous denim skinny jeans. I paired it with a pair of white sandals and the plaid blazer on top of it all. You can’t go wrong with this look, and you can wear it for so many different occasions.

Styling a plaid blazer

Look 2

This pair of beige trousers and the black top go really well with the plaid blazer because the blazer has those color tones in it. I’m also wearing mules with a kitten heel. The belt adds an elevated vibe to this look.

Basic plaid blazer style

Look 3

To give the blazer a little bit more of a summery look, I’ve added these white pants together with these black flats. This look is so easy to put together, and the blazer ties in the black and white colors in the outfit together really nicely.

Easy plaid blazer style

Look 4

Moving on to this creamy kind of a look. Here I combined these beige pants with white sandals, a white button-down, and on top of it all, the plaid blazer. To accessorize, I’ve added a beige bag. The plaid blazer goes perfectly with all of these neutral colors.

Women’s plaid blazer

Look 5

You can also wear the plaid blazer with a mix of black and white - that is what I did in this example. I’m wearing my white sandals, black pants, a simple white button-down shirt and on top of it all the plaid blazer. I love how I’ve half-tucked this shirt inside the pants to give it that casual vibe, but still, this look is very elegant. This look looks good no matter what the season.

Women’s plaid blazer style

Look 6

Moving on to this next look, I popped on these skinny white pants, a beautiful silky button-down shirt, and these nude color mules - they’re my favorite pair. This is one of those no-brainer kinds of looks that you can slip into very quickly.

How to wear a blazer

Look 7

From everything white, I’m jumping into everything black - black pants, black sandals, and a black top, and on top of it all, I have the plaid blazer. The blazer pops against the all-black background, and I love styling it with the sleeves rolled up as I’ve done here. 

Blazer fashion

Look 8

I wanted to give the previous look a bit of a twist, so I’ve cinched the waist with a skinny belt. The belt gives the outfit a more feminine vibe.

Outfits with blazers

Look 9

Here I’ve rolled up my jeans a little bit and added some mules. I’m wearing a white turtleneck as well as the blazer. I think that the blazer works really well with the jeans. 

How to wear a plaid blazer

Look 10

Now a little bit more of a summery look. Here I’m wearing black flats together with a black skort and a black top.

Blazer lookbook

Look 11

A bit more of an elegant look - I’m wearing a pair of black pumps, black heels, and a white turtleneck together with the blazer. I’m not doing anything special with this look, each component is very simple, but when they’re all combined, it looks very sophisticated. This look is perfect for work.

Blazer outfit ideas

Look 12

This is the only example in the lookbook where I’m wearing ankle-boots - I love how they work together with jeans. I’m also wearing a simple black top, the plaid blazer and a handbag.

Plaid blazer fashion

Look 13

Here I’m wearing rolled-up jeans, my beige mules, a silky champagne button-down, and a clutch bag. I really love the casual and chic vibe of this look.

As you can see, plaid blazers aren’t just for wearing to the office. A blazer is an adaptable piece of clothing that you can wear in lots of different ways. If you haven’t tried a plaid blazer before, then why not give it a go? It will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to whatever you’re wearing.

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  • Betty Easterday Betty Easterday on Mar 17, 2021

    Very inspired, I have the perfect blazer, thanks for showing your head through toe look

    some models don't include their footwear

  • Tre49127010 Tre49127010 on Mar 17, 2021

    Great job! Will be adding a plaid blazer to open up my wardrobe options. Thanks for sharing!