Sleek Ways to Style a Waterfall Jacket

by The SILEM
10 Minutes

Hi everyone. In this lookbook, I’m going to show you some different types of waterfall jackets and give you some inspiration for how to style them. Let's get started.

Monochromatic base

1. Monochromatic base

This first jacket is made from scuba fabric which is a nice self-finished fabric. It is also a bit thick, so it is a great material for colder weather.

I kept the base of my outfit black so that the bright blue jacket can really pop against the dark background.

I also added a belt to define my waist, and of course, the belt ties in nicely with the other black pieces.

Monochromatic base

Here I just wanted to give you a back angle of the waterfall jacket.

It is shorter at the front and longer at the back, so it almost has the appearance of a dress. I think that this is a really gorgeous and elegant fit.

Loose and open

2. Loose and open

This next jacket is also made from scuba fabric, but this time is in gray.

Here, I’ve kept it open by not adding a belt, and I love the flowy fit.

Some people like their outerwear to be more form-fitting, whereas others like it to be a bit looser. This jacket, as you can see, gives you both options.

On the shoulders

3. On the shoulders

This is very similar to the previous look, but here I have pulled the collar of the jacket up, so it sits higher up on the shoulders.

In the previous look, the jacket was more off the shoulders, almost creating a little bit of a sleeve.

Lightweight jacket

4. Lightweight jacket

This next waterfall jacket is made from chiffon. It is exactly the same design, but as it is made from a lightweight, you can see that it has more flow to it. It also doesn’t have the same volume that the previous two jackets do.

Scuba fabric typically comes in just a plain color, but the great thing about this chiffon jacket is that I could go for a printed design.

I kept the base of the outfit plain and simple again so that the pattern on the jacket could really stand out and take center stage.

Belted waterfall jacket

5. Belted

Here is the same jacket, this time worn with a belt. Adding a belt changes up the look by giving you more of an hourglass shape.

Matching belt

6. Matching belt

In this look, I’ve styled the waterfall jacket with a mini dress that falls to the same length as the jacket, and the two pieces look very complementary with one another.

I’ve also tied the jacket at the waist, but this time with a matching belt. As the belt is the same color, it blends in with the jacket and gives it a sophisticated finish.

Whether you want to buy or make a waterfall jacket, going for one with a matching belt is always a great option.

Open wide

7. Open wide

Here is another variation of how it can be worn - this time, opened right up so that you can clearly see the belt sitting across the waist.

I’ve also tied the belt so that the strands are coming down, as opposed to in a bow like how I tied it before. 

Gathered at the bottom

8. Gathered at the bottom

Lastly, this is a cross between the previous two looks, so the jacket is still open wide at the top, but I’ve gathered it together at the bottom.

The open v-neck of this look would look really nice styled with a statement necklace.

Waterfall jackets

That brings us to the end of the lookbook. I have shown you waterfall jackets made from two different materials and styled in all manner of ways.

Whatever your personal aesthetic, there is a way to style this jacket to make it work for you. Let me know what your favorite look was in the comments below!

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