Feel Snug and Look Fab in This Two-Piece Lounge Set

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There's nothing better than a two-piece lounge set. Whether you're into Netflix and chill or simply want to feel comfy ( and stylish) around the house, loungewear is your ultimate go-to outfit. While many retail stores stock these, there's nothing better than sewing one yourself, using the fabric, color, and fit of your choice. I scoured the internet to find the ultimate two-piece lounge set. I found the best of the best, and I'm going to show you how to sew the perfect women's lounge set without a pattern.

Tools and materials:

  • Fabric (preferably stretchy material)
  • Sewing machine
  • A pair of sweatpants
  • Long sleeve crop top
  • 100% polyester thread
  • Ballpoint needle
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape
Lounge set


Envision the final product

I sketched out some ideas, and this is the look I want to go for. It really helps to see what the final product should look like so that when you are making the two-piece lounge set, you have a vision in mind. Obviously, you don't need to sketch this, but seeing my sketch should help you already!

Women’s lounge set

Make the pant pattern

Take a pair of comfy sweatpants that fit you best; this will be the pattern for your loungewear pants. Fold them in half, and make sure you get the crotch seam's outline, too. 

Make a two-piece lounge set

Wrap the fabric around one of the pant's sides and cut the pattern. I did it this way so I wouldn't have to sew too long side seams together, but rather just the inner seams.

How to make a two-piece lounge set

Pin down the fabric and cut out the in-seams. Also, lay down the fabrics and cut out two pieces so that you land up with 2 pant legs.

Sew a two-piece lounge set

Because my fabric is stretchy, I will be using 100% polyester thread as it has a good amount of stretch to it. Also, I'll be using a ballpoint needle and sewing a slight zigzag stitch. Now that we have the technical details covered go on and sew your in-seams. Once the in-seams are sewn, sew the inside leg part, right sides together.

How to sew a two-piece lounge set

I'm so glad I thought of this neat sewing hack of cutting the pant in a way that I only have to sew the side seams and not two very long seams. Phew!

Make a lounge set

Sew the waistband

For the waistband, take a piece of elastic and measure it around your waist. Make sure it is a comfortable fit. Next, lay it on a piece of fabric and cut a wide, rectangle piece around it. This will be for the casing.

How to make a lounge set

Also, cut a very long piece of fabric for the drawstring part.

Sew a lounge set

This step can be confusing, but here it goes- sandwich the elastic and the drawstring inside the larger fabric, and make a casing. Pin the excess fabric on the back.

How to sew a lounge set

The goal is to stitch everything together and attach it to your pants. Here's how it should look.

Make the loungewear top


Cut out the pattern

Get a long sleeve crop top that fits you well and lay it on the fabric.

Cut the bodice part by cutting along the top's shape, including the shoulder, armhole, and a little bit of the sleeve part.

Cut the pattern

Next, cut out a super long tie piece that is attached to the front bodice piece. Also, fold your pattern in half and cut around the edges where needed, making sure it is symmetrical.

Two piece loungewear top

You should have two symmetrical pieces for the top, a long tie on the front bodice, and sleeves.

Pin everything together

I ended up making tight sleeves. I wanted oversized, wide sleeves but I changed my mind. Next, pin everything in place.

Sew the side sleeve

Stitch up the side seams of one side, and then wear the top to see how it fits. As you can see, I did the same sewing hack with the sleeve by folding it in half and sewing only one seam at the bottom (Yay, me!).

Once you are happy with the half result, go ahead and do the other side of the top.

Wrap-around loungewear top

Loungewear pants

Comfy two-piece lounge set

Woohoo! This loungewear set is just incredible! I love how the pants flare, and I love that the top is not your ordinary loungewear top; it has a lovely twist to it. The wrap-around piece takes the outfit to a whole new level! So, what do you think of this two-piece lounge set? I love it! Fun to wear, and I still get to look my best, even when I'm home, and no one is watching!

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Sweatpants
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  • Tanya Tanya on Apr 08, 2021

    Awesome outfit!

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Aug 21, 2021

    LOVE how the outfit looks on you! You have a fantastic dancer's body - which shows off your gorgeous new outfit perfectly. I'd love to see you make a long wrap cardigan (perhaps?) with the same material, which could be worn over your lounge set out (or in), and by itself with its wrap belt, as a dress (there's another video tutorial showing this done with a woolen material, so am unsure how it'd work with your stretchy 'stuff'), but even if you made a shorter kimono style jacket, it could take this to a party-style outfit with dress sandals. Even as is, you could wear your 'lounge set' out. Who would know? I have never managed to master my sewing machine alas, but I can knit. Still, I so envy young women like you who make creating lovely outfits like this look so easy!