Cheap Price...But TOO BIG...DIY Simple Alterations for Great Fit!

Doodle T and Me!
by Doodle T and Me!
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30 Minutes

I Discovered an Old Navy End of Season Final Sale...Fun Linen Pants for $5...I scooped up 4 pairs...2 Green...2 Blue...Perfect...Or So I hoped...

BUT...the Only Sizes Left in Stock Were Super Huge and Way, Way Too Big for Me....But I took a Chance and Hoped with some Simple Alternations, I could make them work...

I thought the Drawstring Waist would help to give the Pants a Decent Fit...BUT...Nope....The Pants were still too long and droopy....almost unwearable.

Some Simple Alternations Are Needed to Save these Pants!!

And Wow - Wait till You See the Results...and It is a DIY So Sew Simple!!

Best fabric scissors!

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Ready for a Super Simple DIY Pants Alterations???

Good!! Let's Go!

How to Sew Simple Alternations for a Great Pants Fit...Sew So Easy:

The Pants. Size XXX...Drawstring Waist. Linen. Easy Drape. Fun to Wear. Beautiful Fabric.

Similar Linen Pants...Amazon LINK.

How to Sew Simple Alternations for a Great Pants Fit...Sew So Easy:

First...Measure for the Pants Hem - I folded over the hem two times so the pant legs would graze the top of my feet.

The Blue Pants: At the Top of the Folded Hem, CUT OFF the Excess.

Discard the Bottom Pieces...the pant legs now have a raw edge bottom...

Do the Same with the Green Pants...

Fold Over the Hem 2 times and Cut Off the Excess...

The Save of the Day - Double-Sided Bias Chic Black!

Double-Sided Bias Tape...Amazon LINK.

Here is the Excess Fabric...Toss. About 5 inches were cut off...

Next...Pin Double-Sided Bias Tape to the Pant Leg Hem.

I used 1 inch tape for a custom look.

Do this for Each pair of pants. The weight of the bias tape will help give the pant leg some stability and structure.

Now Sew the Double-Sided Bias Tape to the bottom of the pant legs.

That's It! Straight stitching...Neat Finish...Done in a Hot Minute!

A Good Guide when Sewing the Bias Tape is to Place the Sewing Foot at the Top of the Bias Tape and Use the Foot as a Guide to Follow Along...The Sewing Goes Really Fast...Neat, Tidy, and Fast...My kind of Sewing(!)

My Go-To Double-Sided Bias Tape...It is So Easy to Use and Gives Great Professional Results.


The BEFORE...I Love the Linen Fabric and the Price, but These Pants are Just Too Big...Size XXX...

And Green Linen with a Chic Tape Hem... Blue Linen with a Chic Tape Hem.

And AFTER in Green Linen...

So Fun!! So Sew Easy for Professional Results...

For All the Magic - Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

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