Gold & Denim Are A Perfect Pair [DIY Denim Pantsuit]

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DIY Denim Pantsuit! So riddle me this, were you one of the lucky ones who were able to grab some of this fabric when Fabric Mart posted their new arrivals a few weeks ago? I jumped on it so fast it was crazy and before you know it "poof" it was gone, SOLD OUT!
I went to my "tnt" blazer pattern for this project because I knew the metallic bias around the edges would look fab and I was on a mission to make another pair of mimi g's jeans and trim the seams in metallic bias as well. I recommend both of these patterns to any level sewist. I did a little pattern hack on the blazer pockets to make them a little more interesting and I made a pictorial of the process for ya'll. [The gold top under the blazer is Closet Case Patterns Netti bodysuit. I'm going to do a post on the bodysuit pattern another day.]
OK so here is my pocket pattern hack for the Simpilicity 1421 blazer.You start with making a enlarged pocket pattern. I added an inch to each side for my pocket,
I cut out three pieces for my pocket, fabric, lining and interfacing. I am using a stretch denim that it the only reason that I used interfacing, I didn't want to stretch. If you're using a heavy duty fabric with no stretch you will not need interfacing.
3Zipper opening facing. this will be determined by how big you want your zipper opening. [the process I used is like sewing a welt pocket] I cut out a 7 inches long and 2 inches wide.
Now mark your sewing guide for your zipper opening. I just put a rectangle in the middle and when I went to sew it I realized it was too small, I needed a wider space to insert my zipper. So look at your zipper and see how much you want showing and make your measurements for your opening.
Now pic this piece to your pocket. I put mine on a slant for more interest. [do you see this magic in this pic?? My DIY picture  frame pin-cushion matches my project!]
Now sew your facing to your pocket. Remember I told you opening that I drew was too small? I just used it as a guide and sewed 1/4 around the line I had drawn on the facing piece. You should be sewing on your lines that were drawn on your facing piece.
Time to cut your opening to flip your facing to the inside. Remember not to cut past your stitching at those corners.
Flip the facing inside and press really good.
Lay your pocket over you zipper, pin and stitch around the zipper. I stitched around twice like you do on denim.
Sew your pocket to the facing piece, right sides together. Make sure you open your zipper before you sew these pieces together or you will not be able to turn it to the right side.
Now turn it over and press it really good.
Final step attach it to the front of your blazer, Remember that since the pocket is bigger you will need to use different placement than the pattern calls for.
My Original Fabric Mart post for this pantsuit is now live on their  blog.Stop by to get a look at the pics and the other Golden slippers that we used with this suit.

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