Make a Unique DIY Denim Purse From Your Jeans!

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So here’s a fun tutorial; let’s make a DIY denim purse from jeans! I’m sure you’ve got a pair of jeans taking up space in the closet. So, what better way to add some functionality to them than to make a DIY denim purse? It’s super cute and a really one-of-kind DIY denim purse. You’ll need some materials to make this magical transformation, so be sure to check out the material section on top before we begin the tutorial.

Tools and materials:

  • Jeans
  • Glue gun
  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • Chalk
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Strap
  • Rings
  • Decorations-optional
  • String
  • Velcro or magnetic clasp
DIY denim purse from jeans

Cut the denim jeans

First, to make this recycled DIY denim purse, measure 44cm (17.32 inches) on one of the legs. Mark this with chalk and cut it straight across.

DIY denim purse from old jeans

Sew or glue the sides

Turn your denim piece inside out and sew or glue the end with the raw edge. 

Make a DIY denim purse

Press the denim

Now, for a cleaner and smoother finish, press the denim piece so that there are no creases. 

How to make a DIY denim purse

Glue the layers

Turn your denim piece inside out again, and glue the ¼ of the bottom together. There’s no need to turn it inside out completely, but make sure the whole section has enough glue so that it’s glued down completely. Press the layers after. 

Easy DIY denim purse

Working in increments, glue the middle section and press down. 

Recycled DIY denim purse

Then, glue the top section, too. Press the whole piece after.

Attach the side handles

Now, cut a piece of strap and loop it around a ring. Place it on the side of the DIY denim purse. Add another to the other side. 

When you’re happy with the location of the side strap handles, glue them down with your glue gun.

Assemble the DIY denim purse

Now, generously add glue to the sides of the bag. Start from the strap handles and continue down where the fabric folds. 

Add a magnetic clasp or velcro

Ok, your recycled DIY denim purse is almost complete! All you need is to add a magnetic bag clasp or velcro. The choice is yours! 

If you’re using velcro, simply cut two round pieces and glue each one on the respective sides; one on the inside of the flap and one on the denim purse’s front. Make sure to center the velcros accordingly. 

Add the string 

Take some string and cut it to size, then loop the ends around the side handle’s ring. 

Add a magical touch

Ok, your easy DIY denim purse is ready! But, you can go one step further and add some pretty detail to it so that it looks super unique and fashionable. First thing’s first, cut the back pocket of your jeans. 


Cut both layers of the pocket area.

Then, glue it down to the back of your DIY denim purse, as shown. Now you have some extra pocket space for coins or cash! 

You can also add a stunning decoration to the front for a well-rounded look. Here, I’m using a denim cut-out flower. You can make your own or purchase one from your nearest craft store. Also, you can use other embellishments such as pearls, studs, or rhinestones. Make it the way you want to! 

That’s it! Who would have ever thought a denim pant leg can transform into a lovely DIY denim purse? Now you have a lovely, handy item to take with you when running errands. It’s not bulky, which is great for those hectic days where you don’t want to carry much on you. Thanks for watching, and I hope you now have the inspiration to turn your old denim pants into something super functional! 

Suggested materials:
  • Jeans
  • Glue gun
  • Sewing machine
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  • Judy Judy on Oct 06, 2022

    I'm impressed. You found a way to make a purse without sewing -- anyone should be able to do it. Good directions too. 🤗

  • Luanne Luanne on Oct 06, 2022

    I love this!