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Wait! Before you throw away those baggy jeans, think twice. You can totally transform them into a lovely and funky DIY denim skirt! If you’re looking for a good upcycle, then this DIY tutorial is for you. I made this skirt interesting with its asymmetrical splendor; it’s still classy but it has a lovely ‘spicy’ twist. You are going to love this!

Tools and materials:

  • Pair of old, baggy jeans
  • Sewing machine
  • Seam ripper
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Shank button
  • Zipper
  • Scissors
  • Pins
DIY denim jeans to skirt

Find bigger jeans

Get a pair of jeans that are about 4 inches bigger on your waistline.

DIY denim skirt tutorial

Rip the seams

This is kind of fun! Just rip the seams out of the entire front area. When you get to the zipper piece, simply remove the zipper pull itself so it’s not in the way. Don’t take the zipper out completely, but rip it apart. 

DIY denim mini skirt

On the back, rip the seams off the curve area only and leave the rest intact.

DIY denim skirt from old jeans

Measure, measure, measure!

Measuring is really important. Measure your skirt to know where exactly to place the pins. Place a pin where the waistline closes snugly; this will be for your new button. Then, pin a little further down where the old zipper is located. 

Pin the front

Next, pin the front of the skirt where both sides of the material meet.

Rip leg piece

Cut the leg pieces

Lay your skirt out flat and make your asymmetric hem. Roughly rip off the leg pieces. Be careful not to cut it too far up, you want to leave some length to play around with. They do not have to be straight; we want to achieve a messy kind of look.

Rip second leg piece

Rip the second leg 2-inches longer than the first one.

Pin your front insert

Add the front insert

Take a piece from the leg part you just ripped off, and place it under the front part of the skirt, where the fabric overlaps. Once you are happy with the insert’s location, pin it in place.

Remeasure denim skirt


Try the skirt on again and see where it may need readjusting. I wanted mine a little tighter at the waistline, and so I readjusted the pins accordingly.

Modify the zippers

Add the old zipper to a new zipper

Now it’s time to add the old zipper to a new one. I am leaving the front zipper but will need to attach a new one to go under it. For this, match the original stitch lines to the edge of the zipper tape. Do this by lining it up to the edge of the zipper tape. Pin it in place and sew two stitch lines with a zipper foot on your sewing machine. Sew over the original stitch line. Remember to detach the zipper tape on the opposite side.

Sew bottom zipper

After placing the top zipper, focus on the other side of the zipper. Lay the skirt flat and pin the other side to the left side of the skirt. Sew it in place carefully.

Sew the front piece

Sew front insert

Once your zipper is sewn, go ahead and sew the front insert that you pinned down. Make sure to go over the original stitch line, so you have a nice, clean stitch.

Use a double stitch

For the top part, do a double stitch on either side, as shown.

Cut out back insert

Add the back insert

Now it’s time to add the back insert. Carefully cut out the excess fabric you have from your pant part and cut it out in a triangle-like shape so that it closes the gap accordingly.

Pin and stitch

Line up the raw edge of the insert with the raw edge of the skirt. Pin it in place, and stitch away! Start with the bottom layer and then stitch the top layer- all with a double stitch.

Add a new button

Sew on the button

I chose a shank button that looks quite similar to the button on the jeans. I sewed this on with a quadrupled thread.

Create a new buttonhole

Sew a buttonhole

Now, make a hole for the original button. First, mark where it would need to go, then measure the jean's waistband and mark it in the middle. Next, measure the original buttonhole- this will give you a starting point on what size hole you should go for.

Use buttonhole setting

Use the buttonhole setting on your sewing machine, it works like magic and will do the heavy work for you! If you do not have this option on your sewing machine, then simply cut the hole with a seam ripper and stitch around it.  

Use a seam ripper

Once you have stitched the outline of the hole, use a seam ripper and cut it open.


When using a seam ripper, cut from one side, go to the center, and then go to the other side and repeat the step. This trick will prevent you from cutting too much.

Lovely DIY denim mini skirt

Isn’t this just an awesome DIY denim skirt? It’s fun and creative and adds an extra edge to your style. It also looks like a designer piece straight out of the haute-couture store! Go flaunt it, girl!

Suggested materials:
  • Baggy jeans
  • Sewing machine
  • Seam ripper
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