Turn a Thrifted Table Skirt Into THIS

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw
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30 Minutes

If you love thrift flipping, this tutorial is for you! Turn a thrifted table skirt into a cute wrap skirt with so much style!

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Tools and materials:

Marking fabric

1. Mark around your pattern skirt to make 1 panel

Fold your existing skirt in half vertically. This will be your template.

Then fold the table skirt in half and place the template, fold against fold, aligned at the top of the table skirt.

Cut around the template. Repeat to make a 2nd panel. 

Creating rounded panel

2. Create a rounded panel

Lay out more of the table skirt fabric. Fold one of your cut panels in half vertically.

Align the top of the folded panel with the top of the uncut table skirt fabric.

Align the cut edge of the folded panel with the finished edge of the table skirt fabric.

Cut a rounded edge to meet up with the length of the panel.

Attaching panels

3. Attach the panels

Pin the rounded panel to one of the other skirt panels, right sides together, tops aligned.

Attaching panels

Fold the curved panel to the right so it’s out of the way. 

Attaching panels

Place the 2nd skirt panel on top of its matching panel, right sides together. Pin the left side. Sew the pinned sides.

Turning skirt

4. Turn the skirt right side out

Turn the skirt right side out. The skirt is taking shape!

Adressing raw edges

5. Enclose and sew raw edges

Pin double fold bias tape along the bottom hem edge and up the curved panel edges. 

Clipped fabric


6. Enclose the waist edge and create a tie

Pin the double fold bias tape along the waist edge, leaving extra tape on both ends to create the tie. 


Here’s the final look of this thrift flipping creation: 

Upcycled skirt

Upcycled skirt

Turn a thrifted table skirt into THIS

If you love thrift flipping and don’t want to use a complicated pattern, this wrap skirt DIY is for you.

Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Thrifted skirt
  • Wrap skirt for pattern
  • Fabric scissors
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