Making a Skirt From a Thrifted $4 Table Cloth

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1 Hour

While thrifting, I always like to see what I can find to create unique things. I always look in the linen section since it is a great source for fabric to recover items. It dawned on me when I saw this round tablecloth that they could make a perfect circle skirt since the shape and hem are already done for you.

I deliberated for a bit, I worried I would just ruin it in attempting this, but I loved the print and vibrant colors and knew it would make a beautiful full skirt.

If I messed it up, it was under $4 and I could not buy 2 yards of fabric for that. This was more a mix of an oblong shape/circle, which will make it have an asymmetrical hem which I really like. The only other materials would be scissors, elastic, thread, measuring tape, and your sewing machine. The elastic is quite long and will make 2 more future skirts for me. So my total cost on this skirt would be around $5

Here is how to create your own tablecloth skirt! Start by folding the tablecloth in half

Fold it one more time so it looks almost like a triangle

Take your waist measurement+1" then divided by 6.28, this will tell you how many inches down you will need to cut to fit your waist. At the point of the triangle, starting at the middle chalk or pin, continue to move the tape while holding the top of the tape to the top of the triangle and pin or mark until you have it marked end to end.

This is what it should look like after cutting the top.

Opening it up, you should have a circle in the center of the skirt.

Take your elastic and put it around your waist snugly and cut the end where you mark it.

Sew the ends together, I use a zigzag stitch and went over it 3 times to make sure it holds.

Turn the elastic inside out and pin it to the front center of the waist, then to the back of the waist, then each end, then stretching the elastic as you go pin around about every 2" and sew the edge, I used a zigzag stitch and went over it twice.

That's all there is to it. Cutting a circle for the waist and attaching the waistband does not take long and you have a great skirt. It turned out great for my first try. I am sure I will get better at it the more I do it.

Here's where I made my mistake in picking this one, in the future I will only buy cotton tablecloths, this was a silkier type of fabric so it has some runs after sewing the waist. I will try to fix them with fabric markers, but I will know better for next time.

Even with the small run, it is still a fun skirt to wear. Maybe it's just knowing that it's a one of a kind tablecloth lol. The whole process took about an hour. Now that I know what I am doing it will take less time in the future.

I really love the volume of it, who doesn't love a twirl skirt? The flowy fun is worth the $4 all by itself.

I was so excited about this idea, and found out it's actually becoming a popular thing! I bet a lot more tablecloths will now be sold at the thrift stores lol. It is always good to think outside of the fashion box.

Hope your day is blessed!



Suggested materials:
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  • Bet ! Bet ! on Dec 03, 2022

    WOW ! I just love it !! Great idea . I also use pretty sheets from Thrift shops !♥️

  • Ter85279501 Ter85279501 on Jun 28, 2023

    Love this skirt. Seeing this gave me the confidence to make a Cinderella skirt for my daughter with the round tablecloth. Thank you. Now to figure out what diameter I need, she is size 16 adult. lol.