Save Time and Money With These 3 Styling Tips!

Melissa Duncan
by Melissa Duncan

Let's talk saving time putting together outfits and saving money by choosing wardrobe staples that will be in style for years to come. In this article, I'll offer styling tips that will change your shopping game!

1) Stop filling your closet with all "trendy" items. You will find yourself with nothing but pieces that feel hard to wear on repeat and that don't pair well with others. Not to mention you'll absolutely be in need of a wardrobe overhaul within 2 years. Instead, invest in basic pieces - your wardrobe *STAPLES* - and indulge the need for a trend with an accessory or shoe. If you MUST buy a trendy item of clothing, opt for a pair of shoes, pants, or a jacket that makes sense to wear regularly and with multiple outfits. You want to make sure that you're getting the most bang for your buck!

2) Stick to neutrals and easy to style colors. Indulge in a bold print or pattern every not and then, but remember that simple is chic and effortless. For example, when finding a top that you love and deciding between which color to get, remember that you will wear the white or black version with SO MUCH MORE and MORE OFTEN than the neon green with white daisies. Even though that pattern seems *so* cute right now.

3) That neon green top has brought me to my final point. Transitional pieces. With the exception of season/weather specific items, your goal should be to wear the purchased item year round. It is so much easier to transition a classic neutral color into fall/winter than it is to transition a top that is a bright/summery color. You will inevitably find yourself with a summer wardrobe and a winter wardrobe. I'm not saying to deprive yourself of bright, fun colors. But remember to keep them limited so you make the most of your clothing budget.

After following these tips, not only will your clothing budget be stretched further, but your wardrobe will be more cohesive and the time it takes to choose an outfit will inevitably become less and less. BIG WINS ALL AROUND!

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Happy Styling!


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