Sew a Quilted Make-up Bag

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This roomy and easy to make make-up bag will have you sewing one for everyone you know! I love that it has a flat bottom, zipper top and then widens at the bottom so it will stand with ease. It is also quilted and will offer added protection for all those breakables.

It's a perfect size to take away for the weekend or even longer can hold it all!

Watch the full tutorial on YouTube.

These are the materials needed.

  • Pin the outer fabric to wadding and then sew on the wadding in place using any pattern of choice.
  • Trim off any excess wadding after sewing
  • Repeat for other outer fabric

Mark a right angle at the two bottom corners, I used 3 x 3".

Then mark 2.5" in on the opposite ends

And connect that to the edge of the corners

Then cut out the marked areas. Repeat above steps for the lining pieces

Then lay the zipper on top of the outside fabric, right side to right side.

Then lay the lining on top of that and pin the three pieces together and sew across.

To sew the second side of the zipper, place the right side on the right side of the outside fabric....the lining should be showing. Then place the second lining on top, pin all the four pieces at the edge and sew along the zipper tape

Then topstitch along the sides of the zipper.

Separate the lining and outside fabrics. Pin them together and sew where indicated for outer fabric.

For the lining, sew in the same way but leave about 3" gap at the bottom that will be used to turn bag inside out.

Then open the corners so that the bottom seam and side seam meet. Then sew across to create the box corner. Repeat for all corners.

Once finished, cut out any excess zipper and any excess seam allowance

Turn bag inside out, push out all the corners property, then sew the opening in the lining

Gingham travel make-up bag

This bag is so pretty and I'm sure anyone would love to have this. I like it a lot and will be making some more as gifts. I hope this tutorial will encourage you to make your own and I will love to see your creations.

Connect with me on Instagram @madebydeola. Thank you :)

Suggested materials:
  • Outer fabric
  • Lining Fabric
  • Wadding
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