Say Goodbye to Baggy Boots! Fast & Easy Hack. Try This Little Thing.

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by Cumbriacrafts with louise
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Hello everyone!

Thought I'd share this trick for ladies who as boots that needs to be tight around the leg preventing them from slipping down the leg keeping the secure and comfortable to wear.

I've lost weight since last year,

But it won't stop me from wearing my flat thigh high boots from last year!

Thease are the thigh high boots and are very slack indeed

I will make these look like knee high boots, and much tighter.

This hack certainly has helped me and will work all day long.

keeping your boots very secure

Very slack!

Below is the hack

❤Hair pins ❤

You will need 4 long ones

Like below

from the back of your boot fold any excess material from the boot making it as tight as you need.

*Black hair pins would work best ofcourse for black boots :)

Once your happy with the tightness

Just slip the hair pin straight down the material of the boot.

Like below.

Push all the way down use two hair pins on one boot

Now they are more tight & more secure and not slipping down my leg

I made the into knee boots

So hair pins for boots who'd of thought

They do last also

I've been shopping ect and there still tight

Very happy to wear my flat boots they are comfortable

Looking tight also

Both boots after a long day

If you have saggy boots just use some hair pins

It's a great trick works wonders for me.

When your up and down as much as I am.

My boots always slip down, this trick as prevented this from happening atall today.

They still feel tight and secure

Pleased I can wear my boots again knee high, or thigh high, they'll always be tight and comfortable to wear

If you have any saggy boots that slip

please try this trick you will be surprised

Thanks for reading

Suggested materials:
  • Hair pins   (Amazon)
  • Thigh high sock boots   (Amazon)

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  • Karen Coyne Karen Coyne on Nov 26, 2022

    Could a shoemaker sew the back seam so that it would fit? Or are you needing to gain weight back to be healthy and just need a temporary fix?

    • Was just a quick fix, to be very honest..

      I was so shocked at how much weight I'd lost! Due to health reasons, yeah life can become cruel sometimes😪

      I intend on not wearing thease again untill they fit, without any adjustments, i would need to adjust all my wardrobe Karen, I just intend on gaining weight, mainly for health reasons, and for my clothes to fit, 👍

  • Doris Doris on Dec 02, 2022

    Could have elastic put in also ,expand or tighten if need to with small hook n eye