Dupe Dollar Tree Slippers

2 Materials
20 Minutes

I found these amazing slippers at a cute boutique for like $50. I just couldn’t splurge even though they were absolutely beautiful, but I knew I could make something very similar and just as good. For a quarter of the cost. This is my dollar tree plus dupe.

What’s you need;

A pair of fuzzy slippers (Dollar Tree)


2 Fancy Buttons

Needle and thread

that is it for the simple dupe

I picked a satin gray ribbon or you could use across grain ribbon. This will match my slippers.

Take the satin ribbon and cut it at about 10 inches. I’m going to fold both ends to the center.

Like this, and then cut it on an angle.

That I’ll cut another one at about 6 inches and angle each side, I will set this one under my bow for my tails.

I will pinch the center by using my thumb to hold the shape. So you see the angle cut. It’s on top that we just did.

Now that I have the bow and tails secure, I will attach it to my slipper This is just a simple process with a little hand needle and thread. Just going in and out. I will attach a video that will give you a detailed idea of how I did this.

Using my needle and thread, I will also sew the tails on in prior picture to put them on the slipper.

Now I will attach the bow to my slippers at the top of the cross design. I’ll just use my needle and thread. Knot the thread and stick through where you’d like the bow. And attach bow.

After bow is on. I will also use this button for center of bow. I found at Walmart to attach to the center. This adds some beautiful bling annd makes them look fancy or girly. These would be great for a little girls princess birthday party, ladies sleepover, spa a day or just for yourself. 😊

To attach button Just go though the loop on back of the button, in and out in and out. Catching the slipper fabric to hold it on securely. Then I take the needle and loop it through the thread to make sure it’s knotted. Now you’re ready to cut the tread. Repeat to each slipper making sure that you line them up in the same spot.

I think they came out great. This is a nice easy project that don’t even take more than 20 minutes. I saved a lot of money.

Here is my inspiration that was $50 and mine that are less than $15.

What do you think? See more easy diy at Gilbert Marketplace on facebook and YouTube https://www.youtube.com/live/HyBVs2ZKBMA?si=h1HfbP8Gbaz8rAEH

Suggested materials:
  • Furry slippers   (Bling button)
  • Tread

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